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STD Risk Factors

Reviewed By: Dr. Kurt Kloss, MD
Last Reviewed Date: Oct 08, 2018
Last Modified Date: Oct 08, 2018
Published Date: Jul 27, 2017

There are many factors that affect those at risk for contracting an STD. Many times individuals don't know or understand which things put them at risk of infection. Some STD's can be transmitted in surprising ways. For those at risk, regular comprehensive testing can help prevent unintended transmissions. Further, early diagnosis of some STD's can greatly improve treatment options and avoid hassles associated with full blown infection. This is a sensitive subject matter. The graphic below attempts to use a bit of humor to highlight important things to remember for those who are sexually active. If you're concerned about STD's or want to know more, please visit our STD Testing page for additional information.

Nationwide STD Testing Locations

Health Testing Centers has nationwide sites in more than 3,000 cities to get tested for an sexually transmitted disease. A list of major cities and the available lab locations is listed below: