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Health & Wellness >

General screening tests

Frequently Ordered:
Basic Health Check $89
Essential Health Check $169

ALCAT Tests >

Identify food and chemical sensitivities

Frequently Ordered:
Alcat 100 Food Panel $396
Alcat 200 Food Panel $621

Allergy Testing >

Basic Food Allergy & Lactose Intolerance Testing

Frequently Ordered:
Basic Food Allergy Profile $309
Gluten Sensitivity Screen $449

Anemia Testing >

Blood cell count and iron deficiency tests

Frequently Ordered:
Ferritin $39
TIBC $29

Cancer Screening >

Tumor markers for particular types of cancer

Frequently Ordered:
CA 27.29 $139
CEA $89

Cholesterol Testing >

Cardiac and heart health tests

Frequently Ordered:
Lipid Panel $29
Expanded Heart Panel $89

Diabetes & Kidney Testing >

Metabolic condition tests

Frequently Ordered:
Hemoglobin A1C $29
Comprehensive Kidney Function Panel $89

Disease Detection >

Detect infectious diseases before they do damage

Frequently Ordered:
CICA Antibody Testing $351
Lyme Disease $189

Drug Testing >

Drug screening tests

Frequently Ordered:
Drug Test 9 Panel $69
Drug Test 9 Panel & Oxycodone $89

Gastrointestinal Testing >

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Testing

Frequently Ordered:
Gluten Sensitivity Screen $449
Celiac Disease Antibody Profile $639

Heavy Metals & Toxins >

Get tested for heavy metal or toxin exposure

Frequently Ordered:
Aluminum $89
Lead $89

Hormone Testing >

Men’s and women’s hormone tests

Frequently Ordered:
Testosterone, Free & Total $99
Estrogen, Total $79

Immunization >

Immunity status tests

Frequently Ordered:
MMR Immunity Profile $149
Comprehensive Immunization Titer Package $379

Infectious Diseases >

Bacterial and viral condition tests

Frequently Ordered:
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea $100
HIV $64

Inflammation & Autoimmune Testing >

Immune system condition tests

Frequently Ordered:
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) $27
Homocysteine $69

Liver Function Testing >

Liver enzyme and antibody tests

Frequently Ordered:
Albumin $39
Comprehensive Liver Panel $59

STD Testing >

Sexually transmitted disease tests

Frequently Ordered:
Basic STD Package $189
Expanded STD Package $198

At-Home Test Kits >

We mail kits directly to your home.

Frequently Ordered:
Men's Health Panel, Saliva $170
Women's Health Panel, Saliva $190

Thyroid Function Testing >

Thyroid hormone tests

Frequently Ordered:
Expanded Thyroid Panel $79
Thyroid Profile $39

Vitamins & Nutrition Testing >

Nutritional deficiency tests

Frequently Ordered:
Expanded Vitamin Panel $399
Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy $59

Learn More About HTC

Can I get bloodwork done without a doctor?

Many are not aware that it is possible to get blood work done without visiting a doctor or getting a doctor’s prescription. Consumer initiated lab tests are exactly the same blood tests that are conventionally-ordered by your physician from the same leading laboratories. If you want to privately order a specific lab test from Health Testing Centers you can decide to visit LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics to have the test performed or in many cases an at-home test kit can be provided. You pay affordable private-pay prices when ordering the tests. We do not bill your insurance company. At Health Testing Centers you are taking charge of your health and wellness, as well as your finances.

Reasons to choose direct access testing and get your own blood work at Health Testing Centers include:

1. Looking for a convenient way to stay on top of your health.
You will be saving yourself a lot of time. Normally, when you want to get a lab test done, there is a long process. First, you have to call and make an appointment with your primary care provider. Second, you need to wait a few weeks as your doctor probably has a busy schedule. At the day of the appointment, you will have to wait up to 30 to 40 minutes at the waiting room. Once in, you will need about ten to 20 minutes for your doctor to hear you out and give you a referral. Then, you will need to go to the lab, and get your blood taken. But, wait: waiting is not over as you will still need to give the tests results about a week to be out; then, wait for the nurse to give you a call with a probably second appointment with the doctor. The process can be overwhelming the specific results are generally never shared with you. We want you to skip all this hassle and make it simple for you to get the data (KNOW YOUR NUMBERS).

2. Looking for a more affordable option.
When you dodge the doctor’s appointment and referral, you are skipping all the related costs. Nowadays, health insurance companies are offering high deductibles and co-pays. This means that the patient needs to pay a big portion of the fees associated with the doctor’s appointment and lab tests. When you decide to get a blood work done with Health Testing Centers, you can order it online or by phone at cheaper prices. We want you to save unnecessary dollars spent.

3. Looking for confidentiality.
Deciding to have some blood work done without a doctor’s prescription means that your results will be communicated to you directly. We will not share your blood test results with anyone other than yourself. This means that neither your physician nor your insurance company will be aware of the test’s outcome. So, while you might end up showing your blood work results to your primary giver to better manage your health, it can be easier, less time consuming, and more affordable to get the tests done, on your own, at Health Testing Centers.

How do I order labs online?

Ordering your lab tests online at our health testing centers is very simple. You can search for your tests by either using the search box at the top of our website; or, by clicking on “Find Tests”. In the latter, you have the option to overview the featured tests based on health conditions, discount packages, and the at-home test kits options. You can also scroll down the top selling tests. This page also gives you the chance to check our tests by category. Every test has a descriptive paragraph that explains about it, what it detects and where it is available. You can also notice that our offered prices hold big discounts over the market’s retail prices.

After choosing your test, add it to the cart. When you are done shopping for your tests, go to the checkout page. If you have a coupon, feel free to enter its code before final checkout. You will also be prompted to agree to the Health Testing Centers User Agreement. This means that you are confirming that all your personal details are correct and you are using our services for yourself. You are also agreeing that the results will be reported to you directly, among many others. Keep in mind that our services are offered throughout the USA except in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

You do need to create an Account that will hold all your information, ordered tests and results. You need to have a valid email address to create the account. Once the account is created, your order can be completed by making the payment. This fee is the only fee you need to pay. So, once you are at the lab, you will not need to pay anything. The process is easy and simple. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at 877-511-5227; or, by email at

Our lab tests require a physician order; but you do not have to worry about it as we will do all the work for you. We are collaborating with a third-party network of physicians that will fill the test order for you. You will be sent an email with the physician’s order. Once the order is ready, you can take the confirmation number of requisition order to any PSC (LabCorp and Quest Diagnostic). You can do the test as soon as you receive your requisition order that can be valid for up to 6 months. In case you decided to do the test after the 6 months period, you will be asked to pay 15$ to renew the requisition. Orders over one year are expired. You have to visit the same lab that you selected when ordering the test.

If there is a test that you would like to order but that is not on the list, feel free to call us or email us and we might be able to request it for you.

State List of Lab Locations

HTC patients can visit either Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp patient service centers. Combined, they have over 3500 locations. To find the closest PSC to you, enter your zip code into our LAB LOCATOR. Or you can see the labs listed in each state and city below:

Lab tests are the basis of most health decisions. Purchase your tests from Health Testing Centers, a leading provider for over 30 years.