How To Order Your Labs

1. Order Labs
Order online or over the phone:  1-877-511-LABS.

No doctor or consultation visit is needed. We include the required doctors order with all our testing. 

You will not incur any additional charges at the lab. Our prices are all inclusive.

2. Find Lab Near You

Find a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location near you on our Lab Locator. After ordering your lab testing, you will receive an email with your lab requisition.  Bring this requisition form (printed or on phone) to the laboratory.

No appointment is needed, but making one can minimize the wait time. 

3. Lab Results Ready

We’ll email you when your results are ready. You can access the test results logging into our portal with your secure account.

Most results take 1-2 days, but some take longer. See the test description for an estimate on how long your results might take.

Certain result values may prompt a phone call from our ordering provider to ensure the patient is aware of their result.

Check status of your results on the "Where are my results" page.

Covid-19 Testing

Test for COVID-19 with a saliva collection kit

COVID-19 PCR Active Infection Kit x1    Order   $129

This SalivaDirect™ test kit from the Yale School of Medicine uses an easy to collect saliva sample. These at home test kits can be used at your convenience when you need them. Supervised collection is available, if needed. Includes overnight UPS shipping of the sample to the lab. You will receive secure digital results typically within 24 hours of the lab receiving your sample. Order multiple kits to have ready for your family or business and save:

COVID-19 PCR Active Infection Kits x5    Order   $595 **

COVID-19 PCR Active Infection Kits x10    Order   $1090 **

COVID-19 PCR Active Infection Kits x20    Order   $1980 **

** Printer required for ordering multiple kits. Requisitions will need to be printed before sending in specimen.

 FDA Emergency Use Authorized
 Non-invasive saliva collection tube
 Fast, accurate, clear lab results without doctor visit
 100% satisfaction guarantee
 Private and confidential

This test is for individuals that need results for travelling, work or peace of mind. Order online with no surprise bills. You can even HSA and FSA funds.

SalivaDirect™ was developed by the Yale School of Medicine to efficiently test for SARS-CoV-2 and is performed for Health Testing Centers by Access Medical Laboratories, a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory. This test is a less invasive collection than a nasal collection and is just as accurate with a 100% clinical specificity and 94% clinical sensitivity.

If you are experiencing any current COVID-19 symptoms, we strongly suggest that you contact your primary healthcare provider for testing or find a local testing center for immediate testing. This test kit will need to be shipped to you and may take 4 business days to reach you. Your specimen then needs to be shipped to the laboratory for testing. Results are typically available in 24 hours when specimen is received by lab Monday through Thursday for processing.

This is not an antibody test. If you wish to determine whether you have previously been infected with COVID-19, we recommend COVID 19 IgG Antibody Testing.