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Chlamydia And Gonorrhea STD Test Results

Reviewed By: Dr. Kurt Kloss, MD
Last Reviewed Date: Jul 31, 2017
Last Modified Date: Jul 31, 2017
Published Date: Jul 31, 2017

Chlamydia Test Results

STD testing for chlamydia is ideally performed using a nucleic acid amplification (NAA) test on a urine sample. NAA testing for chlamydia is the most sensitive and effective form of STD testing for chlamydia. Chlamydia is currently the most commonly reported STD in the U.S.

Chlamydia Example Negative Test Results

Chlamydia Example Positive Test Results

Gonorrhoeae Test Results

STD testing for gonorrhoeae is performed using the same nucleic acid amplification urine test used to detect chlamydia. This combination STD test is extremely specific and generates results that are clearly "positive" or "negative" for both the gonorrhoeae and chlamydia infections.

Gonorrhoeae Example Negative Test Results


Gonorrhoeae Example Positive Test Results