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Women's Health

The following blood test packages are designed specifically for women to practice preventive health care.  Many blood tests are unique or more important for women than for men. 

Female Cancer Screening
Our Price $494.00
Female Cancer Screening
The Female Cancer Screening provides indicators for the common cancers that affect females. These include cancers of the ovaries, large intestine (colon and rectal), stomach, pancreas, liver, and breast.
Health Check- Female Level 1
Our Price $274.00
Health Check- Female Level 1
The Female Health Check provides analysis of your cholesterol, thyroid, heart, sugar levels, liver, and kidneys.
Health Check - Female Level 2
Our Price $994.00
Health Check - Female Level 2
The Female Complete Health Screening combines our Female Level 1 panel with Estrogen, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, and Vitamin D.