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Health Testing Centers cares about its patients, your health is our highest priority. Health Testing Centers has been providing affordable blood tests for individuals to take charge of their health for 31 years. With more than 3000 convenient locations nationwide it is easy to get accurate data on the state of your health. Here are some examples of lab tests online that you should consider when thinking about a check-up or health check. Some tests measure general health, such as a CMP, CBC or Lipid Profile (cholesterol) while others may be more specialized such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), or comprehensive STD testing.

Discounted Test of the Month

Thyroid Function Tests are on sale in January for Thyroid Awareness Month. Learning the status of your thyroid health is easy, convenient and could improve your quality of life.

  • Apolipoprotein B, (Apo-B)
    Our Price: $59.00
    Sale Price: $49.00
    Apolipoprotein B, (Apo-B)
    Apolipoprotein B is a potentially a better indicator of cardiac risk than LDL/HDL cholesterol.
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Blood test panels and urine tests

What blood tests should I order?

Here is a list of health testing categories. This is not a complete list of what we offer, see the category list in our navigation for that. But this list highlights some of the health concerns that we test the most often.

General Health/ Wellness Check-Up: When you go for an annual check-up, one of the main things your primary care provider does is order lab work for you. The following tests are typical of what primary care docs will order: CBC, our Basic, Essential and Comprehensive (male or female) all include what is likely ordered as part of an annual exam.

STD Testing: This can be a sensitive subject, even with your primary care provider. We aim to make testing for sexually transmitted infections discreet, easy and hassle free. Whether is be Herpes, or a complete Peace of Mind package, testing can be done on the same day you order it. Rest assured, your results are confidential and shared only with you.

Cardio/ Heart Health Testing: One of the top health concerns for everyone is their cardio or heart health. There are many measurements and tests that can be performed to indicate your risk level for various cardiac diseases or problems. The lipid profile is one of our most popular tests. We also offer a Heart Health Screening package that tests for multiple cardio risk factors.

Thyroid Testing: A hypo or hyper active thyroid can have major health consequences and really effect how you feel. Often it's overlooked by patients and doctors as something to check. We have a Thyroid Health Panel Level 1 and Level 2. These test panels are a good way to learn if your thyroid is functioning properly.

Hormone Testing: Increasingly, we are learning that hormone levels can really impact how we feel and our overall health. For men, a testosterone adjustment can change lives. For women, estrodial and other hormone levels can impact fertility and many other health concerns. Some hormones are actually better tested using a saliva specimen, we offer these tests too.

Cancer Screening: While blood testing for cancer is not perfect, it is often used to provide an early indication or also highlight possible recurrence. The PSA test for prostate cancer is often ordered by men over 45. We also have cancer screening packages for men and women.

Pregnancy Blood Testing: While you can purchase a "Yes or No" pregnancy test at any pharmacy, knowing the HCG levels and how far along a pregnancy is (in weeks) can only be measured from a blood test. We offer same day testing for pregnancy and results are available in 24 hours.