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Lab Testing Overview for Weslaco TX

problem because you aren't experiencing any symptoms. However, there is a chance that a condition is silently developing without giving you any warning. Annual blood testing will help you find out if there is anything that needs to be addressed. When you catch these diseases and disorders in their earliest stages, your condition will be easier to treat, and this is the best reason to engage in annual blood testing. Furthermore, some people are smokers, and annual blood testing can ensure that they are not endangering their health. You can have several different types of blood testing done for many reasons. For example, when people reach the age of 50, their risks for certain medical conditions increase, and blood testing can help detect these diseases. People under the age of 50 can also benefit from blood testing. Some younger individuals have a family history of serious medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes. The best way to ensure that your cholesterol or blood sugar levels are where they need to be is to have annual blood testing done.

Overview of various blood tests available in Weslaco

Why get my cholesterol levels measured?

Cholesterol blood tests help determine your risk of heart disease and strokes. These tests measure your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. You want high HDL levels because that type of cholesterol helps keep your heart healthy. LDL cholesterol, on the other hand, can cause artery blockages which lead to strokes and heart attacks. By knowing your cholesterol levels, you can take action to reduce your risks, including taking LDL lowering medications, making lifestyle changes, and not smoking.

What does a thyroid test do?

Your thyroid affects the entire body. The immune system, hair, skin, brain function, nails, weight, metabolism, etc. are all affected by the thyroid. Many people forget about their thyroid, but it can contribute to many problems. Undiagnosed and untreated thyroid issues can even lead to different organs shutting down. In order to know where your levels stand, it's essential to make sure you get the blood testing done. Knowing your levels is a must so you can know if you need to treat the issue or not.

Why get a lab test for Liver Function?

The liver produces various chemicals in the body that are necessary for creating a balance in bodily functions. It produces these chemicals which are then passed into the blood stream. A Liver Function Test is used to detect the level of chemicals released by the liver into the body. Through a blood test, it can be detected whether the level of such chemicals released in the body is too high or too low. Both extremes indicate a problem with the functioning of the liver. Physicians use this test as a primary test for the diagnosis of any faults with functioning of the liver. If an individual experiences digestive malfunctioning, mood swings, nausea and poor concentration, they must get tested for liver functions as these are some primary symptoms indicating liver malfunction.

Should I get a CMP test every year?

A Metabolic Panel blood test is a combination of tests that helps your doctor assesses important functions in your body. It serves as an initial broad medical screening tool that provides a rough check of kidney function, liver function, and fluid balance. It helps to diagnose diabetes and it is used to monitor chronic conditions. Furthermore, when a patient is taking medications that may cause certain side effects, blood test for metabolic panel is used. A blood test for metabolic panel can give your doctor a better understanding of any serious problems that you may have. Another advantage is that it helps lower the risk of certain heart problems.

Why get blood work for ferritin?

A ferritin blood test checks the amount of ferritin, which is a protein that binds to iron and is stored in the body in that form in the blood. There are a number of benefits for taking this test. The most important reasons are to check for anemia, particularly, iron-deficient based anemia. Also, to check for inflammation, check for excessive presence of iron in the body, and to check to see the efficacy of iron treatments given to patients. If you have any iron related problems then getting this test done is a good idea.

Why get a blood test for HCG Levels?

Sometimes women go to their doctor's offices feeling fatigue and tired and overwhelmed. These are symptoms that are exhibited when you have the flu or over exhaustion. If you are sexually active and have a feeling that there is a possibility of pregnancy, requesting that your doctor runs a blood test for hGC levels will give you a definitive answer of if you are in fact with child. Taking the hCG blood test takes a few seconds and will help to rule out or confirm a suspicion that you may have.

Why get a test for renal kidney function?

Having your blood tested for renal function helps you to find out if your kidneys are working correctly. Before you take any renal function tests, your doctor may tell you not to take certain medications because they will react with the test or provide a false negative or positive reading. One thing to keep in mind when having a renal function test is that your body size and muscle size are factors on your test reading because the levels of creatinine in your body (which is affected by these two things) is measured.

Why get a blood test for estradiol?

Getting a blood test for Estradiol is similar to a hormonal panel. This test also hormonal and pituitary dysfunctions. If you suffer from rapid weight loss or have a very low body fat ratio, then this test may interest you. Men who suffer from gynocomastia are recommended to take this test. Also women who have no periods or may have a reduction in ovarian functions should ask their doctor to take a blood test for Estradiol. This test will also detect Turner's syndrome as well as Klinefelder's syndrome.

Should I order my own drug test panel?

20 Panel Urine Tests are typically given by employers to prospective employees to determine that they are not using drugs. Most commonly used drugs are tested. Blood testing can detect drug use for a longer duration than the standard urinalysis. This m

Why get a blood test for TPO?

The thyroid gland produces an enzyme called thyroid peroxidase which adds to the efficient working of the body, combined with the antibodies that are produced by the immune system to fight the toxins and bacteria. A thyroid peroxidase antibodies test evaluates the levels of antibodies that are created in the blood, against thyroid peroxidase. The TPO antibodies test concerns the thyroid gland and diagnoses the autoimmune conditions regarding it. This is in order to ensure that the body does not make a significant level of antibodies against TPO, as this is only done when the immune system is functioning abnormally, fighting off the healthy tissues by perceiving them as invaders.

Health and Disease Statistics for Weslaco TX

Situated in Texas, the municipality, Weslaco has 35,217 of the state's people. The state of Texas, there are 25,243,311 inhabitants. An estimated 0.1% of the state's residents live in Weslaco. In a one year time period, 4 of the residents of the city died from liver disease. An additional 7 died from kidney disease. During the year, all forms of cancer caused a total of 58 deaths. 16 Prostate cancer alone caused 7 of the cancer-related deaths. In a given year, an estimated 12.4% will die from prostate cancer. A total of 40 deaths were the result of coronary heart disease. The city suffered from 8 deaths from diabetes, as well. On average, 0.11% of residents were likely to die of heart disease during the time and 0.17% of residents die from cancer in a given year.

Community Health Data: Weslaco, TX
State Texas
City Population 35,217
State Population 25,243,311
Percentage of State Population 0.14%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 4
Kidney Disease 7
Prostate Cancer 7
Stroke 16
All Cancers 58
Coronary Heart Disease 40
Diabetes 8
Total Deaths 139

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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