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Lab Testing Overview for Terre Haute IN

Every year you should make an appointment with your doctor to have a thorough physical exam and that includes blood testing. There are some general blood tests that everyone should have to assess overall healthy, but your family history and personal medical history may also make it a good idea to have additional blood testing so that you can stay healthy. There are dozens of blood tests that can be done, but when you have your annual physical done make sure that your doctor is ordering the following blood tests: - Complete blood count and chemistry panel - Fibrinogen - Hemoglobin A1C - DHEA - Comprehensive metabolic panel - Prostate-specific antigen (for men) - Homocysteine - C-reactive protein - Thyroid stimulating hormone - Testosterone (free) - Estradiol - Cholesterol and triglycerides - HIV antibody - Vitamin D Blood testing is a quick and simple way to get a fuller picture of your overall health. Having them done once a year will allow you to keep a close eye on your health and any changes that may be occurring. Your blood work is compared to the other aspects of your physical so that you and your doctor can talk about things like lifestyle changes and altering any current medical treatments if necessary.

Overview of various blood tests available in Terre Haute

Do I get a cholesterol test every year?

High cholesterol is a silent killer because it does not present any symptoms. In other words, you could currently have a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol that will eventually cause a heart attack or stroke, and there is no way for you to know unless you get a blood test. People who have high cholesterol can also experience chest pain, and their health is constantly at risk until they take steps to correct this medical condition. Turning to a professional blood service will enable you to get your cholesterol checked, and you can also help maintain an existing issue by getting additional blood tests on a regular basis.

Should I test my thyroid function?

Would you like to live in depression and various types of body illness like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism not then go for the Thyroid test. The thyroid test can be done by simple blood test where pathology laboratorial takes few milligrams of bloods from your body and gives your various thyroid test result like T3, T4, FTI or FT4. This is just normal hormonal test which says more about the current metabolism conditions of the body. Abnormal metabolism conditions are not good for health and due to this person can be victim deep depression he or she may feel frustration. The large disorder of thyroid problem could lead anonymous growth of thyroid gland which is located on the front of the neck below the laryngeal prominence, and makes hormones that control metabolism.

Why get a blood test for Prostate Cancer?

Adult males develop a higher risk of prostate cancer as they age. This is why it is important to get tested for prostate cancer at least annually. Annual blood tests can help you with this. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths among males; however, caught early in its stages, the disease is still curable. This early diagnosis can be made with the help of a blood test which tests for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Men over 40 years old, and those with a history of prostate cancer, should get this test done regularly. Also, if you have been experiencing urinary difficulties, it's time to get tested.

What is a CBC blood test?

Complete Blood Count or CBC test is a blood test that is an essential part of any routine medical examination. This blood test enables the physician to ascertain many aspects of the patient's health. The test is carried out with the help of several machines that are specifically designed to determine quantity of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells in the bloodstream. The Complete Blood Test is carried out with the help of at least two teaspoons of blood taken out from the patient's body with the help of a syringe. The results of the tests verify the component structure of the blood.

What does a diabetes blood test look for?

Blood tests help doctors to diagnose diabetes, but other criteria are also used. The hemoglobin A1c test is one of the most common methods for determining if the patient is diabetic. Hemoglobin A1c levels above 6.5 percent indicate diabetes. Levels between 5.7 and 6.4 percent are usually interpreted to indicate a pre-diabetic condition. Several other tests are used in addition to the blood test to corroborate a diagnosis of diabetes. Getting a blood test can help affected individuals get this condition under control as soon as possible. Common symptoms include fatigue, thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss.

Why order pregnancy test from blood?

Having a pregnancy in women life is one of the happiest moment in her life but how you determine that you are pregnant or not. Urine test is also helps you to determine the pregnancy but blood test is the most authentic way in medical science to check to determine the status of pregnancy. There are two types of blood test which can tell you the pregnancy status one is quantitative blood test which measures exact amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and another type is qualitative hCG blood test which gives you simple answer i.e. yes or no. The major advantage of having blood test for pregnancy check is that it tells you much earlier than urine test about pregnancy and another advantage of having blood test for pregnancy is that it measures hCG value exactly that will help your doctor you track while any complication in pregnancy.

Why get lab for my vitamin b12 levels?

The major part of your body is brain and it should work 24 hours even when you are sleeping. Vitamin B12 blood test measures amount of vitamin B12 presence in your blood to assess proper brain functioning, blood cell production and checking the nerve system of the body.

What does a FSH blood test for?

The blood test for the follicle stimulating hormone, or FSH, measures the concentration of this hormone in the blood. This hormone is produced and excreted by the pituitary gland, and it regulates the menstrual cycle. The levels of FSH in the blood are high before ovulation, and the hormone also regulates reproductive processes in men. This test may be used on couples experiencing infertility because it can evaluate the supply of ovaries as well as the sperm count. Women with a variety of menstrual problems may receive this test. A FSH test may also be used on adolescents or people with pituitary gland disorders.

Is testing my Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate important?

ESR or Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate is a blood test that measures the sedimentation of red blood cells in every hour. This is one of the testing tool in medical science used by the doctors to check the inflammation in the human body. The increment of ESR is happen in pregnancy days, inflammation, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors recommend this blood test to diagnose the diseases, such as multiple myeloma, temporal arteritis, various auto-immune diseases, systemic lupus rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic kidney diseases. There is no special preparation is required to give the blood sample for this test.

Why get a blood test for Heavy Metals and Toxins?

Doing a blood test for heavy metal toxins is a good way for you to find out if you have been exposed to them. Exposure to these toxins can lead to a number of health problems, and these can be avoided if you detect the blood toxicity levels early and get treatment. These tests can be done by a doctor or a designated laboratory or you can do it yourself at home with a blood test kit.

Health and Disease Statistics for Terre Haute IN

Oriented in the state of Indiana, the township of Terre Haute has 60,611 individuals. Altogether, the state of Indiana has 6,488,958 people. Of this total state population, 0.9% of the residents reside in Terre Haute. The city saw 5 deaths from liver disease over one year and 13 deaths from kidney disease. Calculated together, the area had 114 total deaths from cancer. Over the course of the year, 27 people died from a stroke. There were also 14 deaths from prostate cancer alone. Statistically, this means that every cancer death had a 11.8% chance of being caused by prostate cancer. There were 70 deaths from coronary heart disease. An additional 14 residents died from diabetes during the same time span. A resident of the city has a 0.12% of dying from coronary heart disease annually. They also have a 0.19% possibility of dying from some form of cancer.

Community Health Data: Terre Haute, IN
State Indiana
City Population 60,611
State Population 6,488,958
Percentage of State Population 0.93%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 5
Kidney Disease 13
Prostate Cancer 14
Stroke 27
All Cancers 114
Coronary Heart Disease 70
Diabetes 14
Total Deaths 258

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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