Need a check-up? Essential health screening $89. (CMP, CBC, UA & Lipid Profile)
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Blood Testing as Easy as 1...2...3

1. Order Online or by Phone (877-511-LABS)

2. Visit Local Lab

  • Bring requisition form to a local Quest or LabCorp. Find a convenient location.
  • The lab will not perform testing without your requisition form. Be sure your form is for the lab you choose.
  • No appointment is needed. Some locations accept appointments. How to make an appointment.

3. Receive Results

  • Receive results in 1-2 days. Some specific tests may take slightly longer.
  • Your results are displayed next to normal ranges, results outside of these ranges are flagged. View sample test results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a doctor's order or prescription for blood testing?

You do not need an order or a prescription from your doctor. All our tests include the doctors prescription required to have the test performed. We have doctors in every state. You will never see or speak with our doctors, they simply oversee the ordering process.

After ordering you bring the requisition form to a LabCorp location close to you. Simply present that form and they will collect the proper specimen for your tests. There is no additional payment to LabCorp. We receive the results and send them directly to you.

What do I receive after placing order?

You will receive a Blood Test Order Confirmation email with a description of your purchase. Subsequently, you will receive a second email with a lab requisition attached. Bring a printed version of the requisition to the local lab location you choose to visit.

Are my test results private and confidential?

Yes. One of the primary reasons patients have used our service for the last 30 years is that their test results only become part of their medical record if they want them to be. Many patients get tested prior to an insurance exam or for many reasons they want the testing or results of the testing to be theirs alone.

Where do I go for testing?

Health Testing Centers works with LabCorp for our specimen collections. LabCorp has over 1400 locations nationwide. Visit our "Locations" page to find a facility close to you. Please remember, We are NOT Labcorp, they are a provider for us. We contract with them for the specimen collection and testing. LabCorp will require a copy of our requisition form in order to perform any testing.

Do you accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

No. Health Testing Centers does not accept any insurance. All payments must be made by credit card or paypal. Cash and checks are accepted at our Fort Lauderdale, FL facility.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not required but are encouraged.  LabCorp allows for appointments to be made on their website.  Click here for information on LabCorp appointments.

Do you offer interpretation of the blood test results?

No. The test results will indicate if your results are within normal ranges. We will be happy to explain the results for you. However any questions regarding interpretation need to be directed to your Doctor.

 Do I need to fast before taking a test?

It depends on the test. Some tests, like the Lipid Profile, require a ten-hour fasting period. Black coffee and water are permitted. Your requisition form will indicate if the test you ordered requires fasting.

How will I receive the results of my test?

We send your test results to you in a .pdf format. They are the actual results sent to us from the lab (LabCorp).

Why are your prices so affordable and reasonable?

We have designed our service around the needs of people who pay for their own health care NOT for insurance companies. Also, due to the large volume of tests that we process and the 30 year relationship we have with the laboratories, we can provide the tests directly to you at a fraction of the regular prices.

Can I take my results to my doctor?

Yes.  After we send you the test results you may make copies for whomever you desire. We encourage you to share your results with you doctor.