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Vitamin And Nutrition Testing Colorado

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People in Colorado can test their nutrition and vitamin levels in their blood.Despite consuming a relatively balanced diet, many persons unknowingly suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Although usually needed in small quantities, these nutrients are often essential building blocks for the body, and as such, it suffers when there is a lack. Popularly deficient vitamins include vitamins A, B12 (especially among vegans), D, E and K.  Also, to be noted is that as people age, their bodies may not take up certain nu-trients as well as they did in the past. Additionally, individuals suffering from diseases of the digestive system like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Malabsorption syndromes have an increased need for vitamin and nutrition testing. They may lack iron, zinc, sodi-um, potassium, folate, and magnesium.  These nutrients facilitate functions such as wound healing, cardiovascular control, nerve function, hemoglobin levels, eyesight, bone development and more. Lack of es-sential vitamins and minerals can also contribute to fatigue, short-term memory loss, pallor, and depression.  Therefore if experiencing any of these symptoms or just seeking an improved health standard, it is necessary to undergo vitamin and nutrition testing to rule out deficiencies.