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How could anyone be vitamin D deficient in Arizona?Why You Should Undergo Vitamin and Nutrition Testing According to the World Health Organization, approximately 27 million people in the United States today are affected by anemia1. Anemia, in a nutshell, is a condition wherein the red blood cells in a person’s circulation has decreased in size or function. Normally, the body gets its oxygen supply from the red blood cells that circulate in the blood. However, due to a number of factors, the red blood cells lose their mass and in turn their capability to carry oxygen to the different cells in the body. A key area in the development of this phenomenon is nutrition. In today’s society where people are more concerned with their appearance than their overall health, it is inevitable that many will go through fad diets and strict regimens that do more harm than good. While what they do may give them their dream body, they may not be so healthy on the inside. For example, a concentration on protein sources and an ignorance of the usual carbohydrate or fat sources may lead to a decreased intake of vitamins that our bodies need. And when a body does not get its proper supply of oxygen, its many functions fail and as such, diseases develop. Anemia, for one, can be caused by many factors. A deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to the inability of the body to synthesize DNA, particularly in red blood cells, making them fragile and easily ruptured. A deficiency in folate leads to an impaired absorption of B12. A deficiency in vitamin E leads to decreased antioxidant capacity in the body, promoting free radical growth which compete with oxygen. That’s why it is very important to not only consult a doctor when engaging in new diets or exercises, but to also be screened for potential deficiencies in terms of vitamins and sources of nutrition. 1 Maakaron J. (2017). Anemia.