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Mercury, Urine

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Mercury, Urine

Laboratory: LabCorp
Mercury, Urine
Laboratory: Quest Diagnostics

Mercury can be found in many manufacturing and agricultural industries, in dental fillings, in old paint, and in fish that we commonly eat. Mercury poisoning is often misdiagnosed due to the nonspecific symptoms and lack of familiarity in the medical profession.

This urine test is the ideal screening for potential ingestion of mercury through diet or from medical exposure from dental amalgams.

Symptoms of mercury exposure include loss of coordination and sensory impairment with symptom severity depending upon the method and extent of exposure. Poisoning from mercury can manifest symptoms such as skin discoloration, swelling, and shedding. Other common symptoms include pain or a tingling, burning, or prickling sensation.

In the 1800s the phrase "mad as a hatter" was created because mercury poisoning was common in hat makers.

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