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Featured Tests and Packages
Heavy Metal Plus, 24 hour urine

This 24 hour at home urine test kit may be used to screen or detect the presence of 22 different heavy metals plus an additional 16 nutritional metals in your body.

Lab Tests (A-Z)

This test measures the level of Chloride in the blood.

Coenzyme Q10, Total

This test measures the level of CoQ10, a vitamin-like compound that is found in the body.


This test is used to measure the level of leptin in the blood.

Omega-3 Index Plus, Blood Spot

This OmegaQuant at home test kit may be used to measure your Omega-3 index, Omega-6 :Omega-3 ratio, AA:EPA ratio and a Trans Fat index by a simple finger stick.


This test measures the amount of potassium in the blood to evaluate this important electrolyte level.

Vitamin B7

The Vitamin B7 blood test measures the level of Biotin in the blood.