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Pregnancy Testing Surprise, AZ

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At Health Testing Centers we make lab testing easy by allowing you to avoid the hassle of visiting your doctor. We provide consumer access to the same Surprise, AZ labs and FDA approved pregnancy tests that your doctor utilizes. Thousands of lab tests available, including Doctor's oversight, from allergy to vitamin testing. Pregnancy test results are are not a part of your permanent medical record and are securely delivered to you, saving time and money.

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Read About Blood Pregnancy Testing in Surprise, AZ

Reviewed By: Dr. Kurt Kloss, MD
Last Reviewed Date: Oct 04, 2019

If you are trying to get pregnant or think it may have already happened, knowing a thing or two about pregnancy and/or fertility testing is important. Perhaps the most important thing to know is where to get reliable testing done. Our lab locator service can help you find high-quality testing centers for pregnancy lab tests near Surprise, AZ to ensure that you receive the accurate results you need to help make your dreams of starting a family a reality.

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Which panel is right for me?

Beta HCG (Pregnancy Blood Test) - measures the level of hCG in the blood to confirm pregnancy and determine gestational weeks. This test may also be used as a tumor marker for certain types of cancer.

Women's Basic Fertility Package - measures multiple hormone levels to assess fertility including ovarian and thyroid function.

Carefully designed by our physicians these panels provide a status of your current pregnancy or a thorough analysis of your fertility to address any pregnancy concerns. To help determine which panel is appropriate based on specific health concerns, please call (623) 888-8071 in Surprise, AZ to speak with a medical professional.

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Pregnancy / Fertility Labs in Surprise, AZ

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We work with both LabCorp & Quest Diagnostics, providing over 3500 locations nationwide you can choose from.

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15317 W. Bell Rd. #C102
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Quest Diagnostics

15331 W Bell Rd, Ste 110
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What else do you need to know about pregnancy testing?

First, lab tests are more likely to provide reliable results than those home pregnancy tests. That's because getting accurate results in detecting pregnancies relies heavily on using good testing procedures, and an experienced lab technician will have a much better handle on those than the average person testing at home. Also, if you go to a testing center for your pregnancy lab tests near Surprise, AZ you'll be able to get your blood tested to find out if you're pregnant - testing that is more sensitive than those drug store urine tests.

Additionally, if your pregnancy blood tests near Surprise, AZ do not show a positive result, and you've been trying to get pregnant for some time, you can easily pursue fertility testing with that same testing center. Tests that they can help you with to detect any problem with ovulation of other aspects of fertility include blood tests to evaluate ovulation cycles, check your ovarian reserves (egg amounts and health) and measure your levels of vital reproductive hormones to help get a clear picture of your fertility status. Finally, if you aren't sure what tests you need, we offer a nurse consultation service to give you the guidance you need to make solid testing choices. Just call 877-511-5227 for help.

Order your fertility tests and pregnancy blood tests online. It's easy to measure hCG levels and get fertility hormone testing near Surprise.