How To Order Your Labs

1. Order Labs
Order online or over the phone:  1-877-511-LABS.

No doctor or consultation visit is needed. We include the required doctors order with all our testing. 

You will not incur any additional charges at the lab. Our prices are all inclusive.

2. Find Lab Near You

Find a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location near you on our Lab Locator. After ordering your lab testing, you will receive an email with your lab requisition.  Bring this requisition form (printed or on phone) to the laboratory.

No appointment is needed, but making one can minimize the wait time. 

3. Lab Results Ready

We’ll email you when your results are ready. You can access the test results logging into our portal with your secure account.

Most results take 1-2 days, but some take longer. See the test description for an estimate on how long your results might take.

Certain result values may prompt a phone call from our ordering provider to ensure the patient is aware of their result.

Check status of your results on the "Where are my results" page.

COVID-19 CIT Serology Program Eligibility Screener

Please select the statement that best describes your symptoms.

I have had a new or continuous fever of greater than 100.5°F within the last 72 hours.
I have started to have new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 10 days including but not limited to: cough, trouble breathing, loss of smell, vomiting or diarrhea, fatigue, lightheadedness or dizziness, etc..
I have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 OR I had symptoms, but they have been improving over the last 10 days

In the past 10 days, have you tested positive for COVID-19 by a molecular (PCR) test?

Molecular (PCR) test collects a sample through the nose or back of the throat with a swab. This can also be done by a saliva test. This does not include serology testing.

I have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days
I have tested positive for COVID-19 more than 10 days ago
I have never been tested for COVID-19

In the past 14 days, have you had close contact or been directly exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19?

Close contact includes being within 6 feet of the person for more than a few at least 15 minutes. Direct exposure includes being coughed or sneezed on.

Yes, I have been recently exposed and have not had any prior exposure
Yes, I have been recently exposed and may have had ongoing or multiple exposures because of my job or where I live

Ineligible for testing

Based on your response, you may still have an active COVID-19 infection and this test may not be right for you at this time. COVID-19 Immune Response testing is specifically used to check for an immune response to the virus which can take time after an active infection.

You can click here to browse other tests.

Eligible for testing

Based on your response, you are eligible to be tested. Please provide the following information.

Is this your first COVID-19 test (of any kind)?

What type of test was the most recent prior test, and what was the result?

What was the date of your most recent prior test (date when test was performed)?

Are you employed in a healthcare setting with direct patient contact?

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.)?

What was the date that your symptoms started?

Which of the following symptoms are you experiencing?

Are you currently in the ICU?

Do you live or work in a congregate setting (including nursing homes, residential care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, psychiatric treatment facilities, group homes, board and care homes, homeless shelter, foster care or other setting)?

Which of the following settings?

Are you pregnant?

What is your race?

What is your ethnicity?

Are you experiencing any of the following severe symptoms of COVID-19?

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please seek immediate medical care instead of ordering this test.

Have you received a COVID-19 vaccination?

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