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Cancer Screening Sanger, CA

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At Health Testing Centers we make lab testing easy by allowing you to avoid the hassle of visiting your doctor. We provide consumer access to the same Sanger labs and FDA approved cancer screening tests that your doctor utilizes. Thousands of lab tests available, including Doctor's oversight, from allergy to vitamin testing. Cancer test results are are not a part of your permanent medical record and are securely delivered to you, saving time and money.

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Read About Cancer Testing in Sanger, CA

Reviewed By: Dr. Kurt Kloss, MD
Last Reviewed Date: Oct 09, 2019

Cancer Screening in Sanger, CA

Is there a history of cancer in your family? Are you a woman over the age of 21? Are you over age 45? Are you carrying around a few extra pounds? Do you smoke or have you quit smoking within the last 15 years? Those questions reflect just a few of the risk factors that make cancer screening important. If you answered yes to any of them, you would be wise to look into cancer screening near Sanger, CA.

Why is regular cancer screening near Sanger, CA so important?

Because cancer is probably a lot more common than you think. National Cancer Institute statistics show that over 38 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, and if you are one of them, finding cancer early could be the key to a good medical outcome. For these reasons, healthcare professionals, including the American Cancer society, recommend protecting your health via regular cancer screening tests for common cancers like colon, breast, prostate and cervical cancer, and if you smoke or have in the past, lung cancer.

When should you start getting screened for cancer? Your best answer to that question will come from your personal healthcare provider, since he or she will know your personal risk factors. That said, general guidelines for a person of average cancer risk call for cervical cancer screening at least every three years for all women under age 65. Women over age 45 should have breast cancer screening yearly. Men over age 50 need prostate cancer screens, and everyone over 50 needs colon cancer screenings. Again, your personal healthcare provider can offer more insight into exactly which cancer screen tests you need and how often you need to be tested.

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Which panel is right for me?

Expanded Cancer Panel - Men's - includes the CEA and the PSA test to detect antigens and blood hormone levels, indicators for cancers of the prostate, colon and rectum. CEA levels may also be elevated in pancreatic, gastric, lung or breast cancer.

Expanded Cancer Panel - Women's - convenient panel of blood tests that includes CEA, CA 27.29 and CA 125 test to detect antigens and hormone levels associated with three common cancers that affect women, including ovarian, colon, rectal, and breast cancer.

Carefully designed by our physicians these cancer screening panels provide a thorough analysis of antigens and hormones associated with common cancers, helping identify health concerns before they progress into life-threatening conditions. To help determine which panel is appropriate based on specific health concerns, please call (559) 206-4403 in Sanger to speak with a medical professional.

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