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Zinc, Plasma

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The Zinc blood test measures the level of zinc in your body.  Zinc is an essential mineral that is critical for good health.  Most Americans get zinc from consumption of red meat and poultry or from dietary supplements.   A sufficient daily intake of zinc is important for good health because the body has no ability to store zinc.
Zinc plays a critical role in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism, the immune system, wound healing, DNA and protein synthesis.  Zinc also supports healthy childhood development from pregnancy to adolescence.   Zinc is also believed to exhibit antioxidant properties protecting against aging of the skin and muscles.  It is found in many over-the-counter cold remedies as zinc is believed to cold fighting properties.
A zinc deficiency can impair your immune system as well as cause diarrhea, hair loss, and impotence.  Zinc deficiency affects billions of people across the world and is associated with numerous diseases and conditions.

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