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Blood Test Labs in Wilmington, DE

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Health Testing Centers have convenient lab test locations in Wilmington, DE. Simply purchase the blood lab test you want online or call our nurses to order by phone. After ordering, Health Testing Centers then emails you a requisition form to bring to one of the below LabCorp locations. After you you have the blood drawn at one of the LabCorp locations below we email the results within 24-48 hours.

Lab Tests Available in Wilmington, DE:

Basic Health Screening

Most lab technicians preform multiple tests on a patient. CMP as well as other tests are prepared to insure the patients’ health is to standard. These tests are required during the Basic Health Screening. The Basic Health Screening involves the Complete Blood Count and the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. When the results of this test come back it will let the patient know if further tests are recommended.

The Essential Health Screen $89 - CBC (w diff), CMP, Urinalysis and Lipid Profile (HDL, LDL + Triglycerides)
Basic Health Screen $59  - Includes a CBC (w diff), CMP, and a Urinalysis
Cholesterol Test (Lipid Profile) $39 - HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides

Cholesterol and Heart Blood Testing

The Lipid Profile, C-reactive protein, NMR Lipoprofile, VAP Cholesterol Test, and Homocysteine blood tests all have one thing in common. They all test for heart disease. The treatments for high cholesterol will help with getting those levels down to a normal range. Along with treatments changing a person’s lifestyle will also help; to do so just start with a healthy diet and regular exercise. These will make the hearts health improves enormously. Regular testing should also be done to help fight off this nasty disease.

Prostate Testing

Having the Prostate Specific Antigen is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. The Prostate Specific Antigen blood test will measure the level of the PSA in the blood. Prostate cancer or non-cancerous conditions can increase men’s PSA levels; as men age these high levels can become more common. An annual prostate exam should be done starting after the age of 50.

Thyroid Testing

A Thyroid Profile or Thyroid Function Test helps many patients to discover if there is an issue with their thyroid. TSH is a hormone that is stimulated by the thyroid. The outputs are regulated by the TSH. If the thyroid is under active or over active the hormone will be affect a patient’s metabolism. This test will help a patient determine what kind of treatment should be done to help the patient’s health.

Liver Testing

The liver can be tested for damage through blood testing. These blood tests can determine the seriousness of the damage that was done by alcohol, prescription drugs and even recreational drugs. The Liver Function Testing will help with that. This can also help to determine a treatment to help the liver, if it can be helped.

Cancer Testing

Smoking, radiation, chemical agents, and genetic factors are all causes of cancer. There are also many other not known factors that can cause cancer. Millions of people, 7.6 million in 2007, die a year according to the American Cancer Society. A number of tests can be performed to check for cancer. The tests performed are the Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Cancer Antigen 19-9, and Cancer Antigen 27.29, Cancer Antigen 125, and Alpha-Fetoprotein blood tests.

Hormone Testing

There are different types of treatments for hormones. Now people are treating the aging process as a disease, so there is now medicine designed to help these hormone levels. Patients need to know the starting point of the patient’s hormone level so the proper treatment is given. Some of the symptoms of menopause may be physically uncomfortable for a patient. This is why the testing of their hormone levels needs to be done.

STD Testing Locations in Wilmington, DE

Blood Testing Lab Locations in Wilmington, DE


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In the interest of patient convenience, Health Testing Centers in  Wilmington, DE have several locations. This testing center allows for patients who are interested to purchase and set up their own lab tests without having to see a physician first. The patient must visit the Health Testing Centers website, and look over the available lab tests. When he has purchased a test, he will receive an email from a Health Testing Centers staff member which will include a requisition form. He will be able to take this requisition form to one of several LabCorp testing centers in the Wilmington, DE. area to have his test performed. As soon as the test results are available, they will be emailed directly to the patient. Health Testing Centers care about patient confidentiality, therefore HIPAA compliant secure email is always used.

Health Testing Centers offers lower pricing than other testing centers. For example, the Essential Health Screening, which is commonly used by physicians to evaluate a patient’s overall health, is offered for the same cost of a single blood test performed by other testing centers. If a patient is interested in having a pregnancy test, Health Testing Centers is thorough in testing beta-HCG tumor marker-human, chronic gonadotropin (hGC), subnit quantitative serum, and pregnancy test blood. The patient can take these results to her physician on her first appointment, thus saving her valuable time.

When going through Health Testing Centers to receive lab tests, the process is very simple. The patient will visit the Health Testing Center website and purchase the test that is of interest to them. Within the hour of having made the purchase, a Health Testing Center nurse will email the patient a requisition form. The patient can then make an appointment either online, with a nearby LabCorp testing center. After the patient has had the test performed, a staff member will email the test results to the patient. Most test results are ready within 1 and 2 business days.

For general information about blood testing you can visit Lab Tests Online or WebMd.

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