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Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is required for healthy growth and development. It is used by the body to produce collagen, a protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is essential for the healing of wounds and the repair of tissues including skin, cartilage, and bones. Your body does not manufacture or store vitamin C so it is important to include plenty of foods that include vitamin C in your diet or through daily supplements. All fruits and vegetables contain some vitamin C with citrus fruits and juices having particularly high levels.

Vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant reducing damage caused by free radicals that contribute to the aging process and health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Vitamin C also reduces the damage caused by harmful pollutants such as cigarette smoke.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is an on-going debate. However, since ancient times it has been known that a deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy. In addition to scurvy, which is rare in the United States, vitamin C deficiency can lead to problems with ability to fight infection, healing of wounds, bruising, and bleeding.