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Titanium, Blood

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Titanium is an element that is used to make alloys with aluminum, iron and other elements producing an extremely lightweight and strong material used in manufacturing of many modern products from airplanes to orthopedic implants. Titanium is not naturally occurring in the human body and can cause serious problems in large doses. A blood test for titanium measure the amount of titanium in the blood typically associated with industrial exposure or medical procedures.

Specifically titanium ( along with chromium and /or cobalt) are often used in artificial joints. They may corrode when they come in contact with body fluids, and when their surfaces dissolves the metals can enter into the bodys circulation. These three can also combine with the proteins in the body which can result in an allergic immune condition such as a skin rash. The problem is that when two dissimilar metals come into contact they can release metal alloy in the bloodstream. So when these three metals are used in joint replacement, they may react to each other.

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