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Thyroid Blood Testing Overview (Posted December 6, 2010)

Different kinds of thyroid tests are carried out in order to find out the general physiology of the thyroid gland. The physiology of the thyroid gland means the size of the gland, the function of the gland and also the general health of the gland. With the help of these tests the doctors are able to find out disruption in the functioning of the gland and they are also able to detect whether the gland suffers from any kind of diseases.

Laboratory blood tests of the thyroid gland is very common. Most of these tests are non-surgical in nature. The most common test for the thyroid gland is the serum test.

In serum tests, the medical practitioners are actually able to find out the amount of Thyroxin in the blood. In some cases this test is conducted in order to determine the dosage of medicine to cure thyroid gland complications. This test also helps to find out whether the thyroid gland is functioning properly or not.

The other thyroid tests include the test of protein which is present in the blood. Deficiency or excess of this protein means that there is some kind of complication in the thyroid gland. The next step that is included in thyroid testing is the thyroid scan. In this scan generally the picture of the gland is taken. In this test also the doctor is able to understand as to how the gland is functioning and whether it’s infected.