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Thyroid Profile (T3 uptake, T4 and T7)

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A convenient thyroid panel that provides a snapshot of thyroid health, this series of tests measure key thyroid hormones that can detect diseases of the thyroid and imbalances in thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid disorders present with different symptoms, depending on the type of disease. Typically, there are changes in anxiety, sleeping patterns, weight, menstruation, temperature sensitivity, heart rate, and sweating which may all be related to conditions of the thyroid.

Fertility problems can also be affected by thyroid functioning. By measuring the levels of key thyroid hormones, this panel can help you and your physician understand if these symptoms are related to the functioning of your thyroid, and can be helpful for the physician in prescribing proper treatment.  As part of this panel, the following tests are performed:

T3 Uptake

This test will measure the amount of proteins in the blood that are capable of carrying a thyroid hormone. It is used in combination with other thyroid tests to give an in-depth overview of thyroid functioning. The results of this test can be affected by several drugs and conditions, including anabolic steroids, aspirin, anticoagulants, birth control, estrogen, kidney disease, other serious disease, pregnancy, and some other medications. Discussing the results of this test along with any medications you are currently taking with a medical professional will lead to the best possible results. This test is useful for detecting hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.


The T4 test measures the level of a key thyroid hormone, T4, in the blood. High levels of T4 may be a result of an overactive thyroid, while low levels of T4 can be caused by an underactive thyroid. The results of this test, in combination with the results of the other tests in this panel, can determine the presence of thyroid disease, and the degree of severity of thyroid disease.


The T7 test is an estimation of T4 levels, based on the results of the T3 re-uptake and T4 test. This test is used in combination with the other thyroid tests in the panel to provide a comprehensive overview of thyroid functioning.

Medications That May Affect the Results of a Thyroid Profile Test

Many medications may alter the results of a Thyroid Profile, and when interpreting the results of this test, all medications taken should be considered. You do not need to fast before taking this test.

Related Laboratory Tests

Possible indications of inadequate amounts of the thyroid hormone are being tired, anxious, uptight, or experiencing weight gain or loss. A Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test should also be considered with the Thyroid Profile. This test is generally ordered to evaluate thyroid function and/or symptoms of an overactive or underactive thyroid.  Combining the information from a TSH test and the Thyroid Profile allows for the most comprehensive information and the best possible overview of thyroid health and both are available conveniently in our Thyroid Function Test Level I.  Ordering this thyroid panel has the added benefit of ruling out any misleading results from one test alone.

Depending on the reasons for ordering a thyroid panel, a Comprehensive Health Screening - Male or a Comprehensive Health Screening - Female  may help provide additional necessary health information, and should be considered as a follow-up.