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Tetanus Antibodies Profile

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The Tetanus Antibodies Profile provides your tetanus immunization status. Tetanus is now very rare in the United States thanks to a successful immunization campaign.

Tetanus is a an extremely serious infection affecting the bodys nervous system and muscles, the disease is also commonly known as lockjaw.. The infection is caused by the bacteria Clostridium tetani (C. tetani) that spreads through an injury or wound.  This potentially life threatening bacteria is generated by spores that are found in soil around the world. Tetanus can travel to the spinal cord and brain stem, causing widespread muscle and reflex problems.

In the United States most incidents of tetanus occur when a person has not been vaccinated against the disease. Because of the deadly nature of this infection tetanus immunization is highly stressed. Immunization is believed to provide protection for approximately 10 years, so if you are not sure when you were last vaccinated against this disease it is important that you get tested. 

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