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We've been helping patients like you since 1980. Many of our patients come back year after year to take advantage of our service and value; These are just a sampling of what people say after they get tested. You'll notice that many patients didn't even know a service like ours existed. Having the information to help you manage your own health is something we think just makes sense. Have a read below and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff members have been with our company for years. 1-877-511-LABS (5227)

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Patient Testimonials

"I know that early detection (of prostate cancer) through your lab test Center is responsible for my husband's early treatment. Dick is alive and well today because of you."

"It was your lab testing center that brought the condition to my attention. I'll continue to be a patient of yours because of your ability to provide personal, low cost, and fast service for my medical needs."

"During the years with you, the lab tests have been able to "catch" potentially serious health problems, my husband's hypertension and my son's elevated renal functions. The quick test results sent us immediately to our physician where the problems were diagnosed and treated before there was irreparable damage."

"Being hypoglycemic, your lab tests have provided me affordable means to track my blood sugar level."

"I am extremely busy and it is so convenient to schedule an appointment at you office for tests. Oftentimes it takes weeks to get into my doctor's office, and then I have to wait even longer to get my lab results back."

"Yours is a service that is definitely needed in today's busy world. Your staff was courteous, efficient, and professional."

"Because of your efficiency and economical prices I was alerted to my medical conditions (borderline diabetes and high blood pressure) which otherwise I would have left unnoticed and wouldn't have received proper medical attention."

"I was impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of your staff and the efficiency with which the testing was handled. I had no difficulty gaining an appointment and was able to choose those lab tests that were important to me."

"For many years I and my husband have been regularly using the services of Health Testing Centers, and I want to compliment you and your staff for doing an excellent job."