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Symptom Checker

Select the group of symptoms that best describes what you are experiencing.  You will then be presented with information regarding potential problems and blood tests that can help diagnose or rule out specific ailments.  If you don't see the symptoms that you are experiencing please feel free to speak with one of our nurses for a personal health consultation.

Symptom Group

Test Category

Fever, Not feeling like yourself, Feeling tired or sick, Abdominal or back pain, Blood in your urine, Generally concerned about your health, Have not been to your doctor in some time  Blood Chemistry CMP + CBC
Increased or decreased heart rate, Weight loss or gain, Fatigue, Weakness, Feeling too hot or cold, Anxiety, Frequent or irregular menstrual periods Thyroid Function
Yellowing of the eyes, Possibly being exposed to Hepatitis A, B, and/or C, Using recreational drugs, Heavy alcohol intake, Overweight and high cholesterol levels, Abdominal pain, Taking prescription medications Liver Function
Blurry vision, Floating spots in your vision, Cuts or wounds that are slow to heal or will not heal, Uncommon thirst, Unexplained fatigue, Numbness/Tingling in hands or feet, Frequent urination, Rapid weight loss Diabetes Blood Testing
Painful testes, blood in the urine, Weight loss, Pain in the abdomen (For Men) Prostate Testing
Fatigue, Depression, Anger, Decreased body hair, Decreased lean body mass, Increased abdominal fat, Decreased bone density Hormone Testing
Trouble concieving, Irritability, Night sweats, Headaches, Hot flashes (sudden onset of a hot/feverish feeling), Heavy menstrual bleeding or irregular menstrual periods Hormone Testing
Unusual discharge or bleeding, Burning feeling during urination, Pain in the lower abdomen during sex or increasing pain during menstruation, Itching, irritation or soreness, Unpleasant odor, Bumps, lesions, sores, blisters or rash, Purulent or unusual discharge, Swollen or sore lymphnodes STD Testing
Prolonged cough, Unexplained weight loss, Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Bowel movement changes, Sores that do not heal, Unexplained lumps, Unusual bleeding or discharge, Moles that change color or have uneven edges Cancer Screening
Chest pain (go to an emergency room immediately), Shortness of breath, Dizziness, Palpitations, Dizziness, fainting, Irregular heart beat, Weakness or exertion at rest Heart & Cholesterol Testing
Blurred vision, Chronic bloodshot eyes, Dark patches under eyes, Sensitive Eyes, Eyelid tics or twitches, Acne, Brown skin spots, Dry, flaky skin, Hair loss, Peeling Nails, Bow legged Vitamin & Nutrition
Metal taste in the mouth, Unexplained weight loss, Chronic pain, Fatigue, Forgetfulness, Eyelid tics and twitches, Food allergies, Dizziness, Visual disturbances, Mood swings Heavy Metal Testing

A symptom is often an indication of a problem or disease.  Symptoms can be intermittent or chronic and can get progressively worse or better.  Symptoms are typically the key to diagnosis of a disease.  However, some diseases can be asymptomatic (displaying no symptoms) and may only be identified using laboratory testing (such as high cholesterol or some sexually transmitted diseases, STDs). 

Some symptoms are non-specific meaning that they do not indicate a specific disease (such as having a fever) or that they do are not localized to a specific part of the body (such as feeling tired).  If you are experiencing a chronic symptom (such as a persistent cough or odd discharge) you should not ignore it – as symptoms can be the key to early detection and treatment of a problem.