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Saliva Testing

Using saliva to test hormone levels has become the preferred method.  Many steroid hormone levels can fluctuate throughout the day.  Using saliva allows for convenient specimen collection at multiple times (ie, morning, afternoon, evening). 

There is a definite a correlation between the "bioavailable" (or active) amount of hormone in the blood and the levels found in saliva.  Determining hormone bioavailability is critical with steroid hormones and saliva as the specimen medium is ideal for this.   Only bioavailable hormones ultimately have an impact as they circulate through the body.

The saliva tests we offer are listed below.  There are several combinations of tests. 

How at home testing works:
  • We send you the test kit to the mailing address provided at time of sale. 
  • Each kit comes with thorough collection instructions and a prepaid return mailing package.