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When you place an order using option 1: "Physician Order Included" a requisition form is usually generated within a few hours.  This is a manual process since an independent licensed medical doctor needs to review and approve the request first.  You will receive the requisition form by secure email in a .pdf attachment. On weekends or after hours this can take a bit longer. 

Feel free to give us a call (877) 511-5227 or use the form below.

A note on SPAM- Please do check your spam folder.  Because of the .pdf attachment, some mail servers (e.g. Yahoo ®) send these emails to spam.

If you chose option 2, your first step is to have your doctor complete and fax the form we sent to you by secure email. If you have already provided an order for testing from your physician please call us at 877-511-5227 to check on your requisition.
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