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Blood Test Labs in Ogden, UT

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Health Testing Centers have convenient lab test locations in Ogden, UT . Simply purchase the blood lab test you want online or call our nurses to order by phone. After ordering, Health Testing Centers then emails you a requisition form to bring to one of the below LabCorp locations. After you you have the blood drawn at one of the LabCorp locations below we email the results within 24-48 hours.

Lab Tests Available in Ogden, UT :

Basic Health Screening

Health Testing Centers perform a Basic Health Screening, which will save many patients money, especially if they do not insurance. The Basic Health Screening starts off only 60 dollars compared to the lab price which is 120 dollars. This test will let patients know if another lab test is needed; or diagnosis is suggested.

The Essential Health Screen $89 - CBC (w diff), CMP, Urinalysis and Lipid Profile (HDL, LDL + Triglycerides)
Basic Health Screen $59  - Includes a CBC (w diff), CMP, and a Urinalysis
Cholesterol Test (Lipid Profile) $39 - HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides

Cholesterol and Heart Blood Testing

The number one killer of men and women in the United States is heart disease. Heart disease can be genetic but it can also be prevented. Modern lifestyle changes will decrease a patient’s risk of heart disease; these include eating a healthy diet and plenty of cardio exercise. The faster a person can get to do these changes the longer they will most likely live. Health t=Testing Centers offer two different packages the first one being 149 dollars and the second one being 299 dollars. Getting tested regularly for heart disease will help save a patient’s life.

Prostate Testing

At Health Testing Centers a Prostate Specific Antigen or a PSA blood test can be performed. A test like this will cost a male patient a mere 50 dollars. A test like this will screen for prostate cancer and any noncancerous disorders. The patient can then determine if this test was important for them to take or not; the test should be performed annually whether the patient things he needs it or not.

Thyroid Testing

Many people have thyroid problems and do not think about the symptoms giving them up to something else. Being tired, anxious, having weight loss or gain, an increased heart rate, and body temperature problems can be signs of either hypo or hyperthyroidism. If any of these signs are present a Thyroid Profile or Function Test should be done.

Liver Testing

There are many types of blood tests for the liver. There is The Liver Function Test, ALT, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C blood tests. All of these tests can provide early detection of any liver problems. The most accurate results will be after fasting for any of these tests. Damage can be caused by alcohol and recreational drugs as well as prescription drugs.

Cancer Testing

Testing for cancers can be a scary thought. Health Testing Centers provide the opportunity to test for many different types of tumors. The different types of tumors can be detected. All the different types of cancers can be detected by their different markers. Detecting cancer from an early stage will help in the treatment. If a person is at all concerned that there is a possibility that they have cancer they need to be tested as soon as possible. This could help save there live.

Hormone Testing

As women get older menopause because a factor in that woman’s life. There are many different tests to help find out the hormone levels. There are also specific tests for menopause; these tests will tell the patient what specific stage the patient is in of menopause. Hormone tests let the doctor or physician know the hormone levels and then maybe there can be a replacement therapy.

STD Testing Locations in Ogden, UT 

Blood Testing Lab Locations in Ogden, UT


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In Ogden, UT , Health Testing Centers have several different testing facilities located all across the area. Their facility allows for patients who are interested to order their own tests. By visiting the Health Testing Centers website,, patients may take charge of their own health and choose one of several test panel options to purchase. After the test is purchased by the patient, the Health Testing Centers will send the patient a requisition form. The patient will then take the requisition form to a LabCorp testing center that is located in the City, Ogden, UT  area. Once the test has been performed and the results are in, LabCorp will quickly email the results to the patient. With the privacy of the patient in mind, LabCorp only uses HIPAA compliant secure email.

One of the most common tests ordered by doctors is the Essential Health Screening test. Doctors use these results to determine the general health of a patient. Health Testing Centers offers this screening at a moderate cost. Other testing centers charge the same amount to perform one simple blood test. For those interested in being tested for heavy metals, Health Testing Centers will perform a panel of tests that consist of chromium blood, cobalt blood, heavy metals profile (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic), lead blood test, and titanium blood. This can be done quickly with a visit to a Ogden, UT testing center. Results can be in the patient’s hands when he sees the doctor.

Through Health Testing Centers, the ordering process is easy. Patients should visit the website, purchase a test, receive the requisition form, take it to a conveniently located testing facility, and have the test performed by a trained expert. LabCorp does schedule appointments online. Normally within 1-2 business days, the test results will be emailed to the patient. This will depend on the type of test that is being performed. The patient is then ready to see his physician with test results already in hand.

For general information about blood testing you can visit Lab Tests Online or WebMd.

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