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Blood Test Labs in Newark, DE

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Health Testing Centers have convenient lab test locations in Newark, DE. Simply purchase the blood lab test you want online or call our nurses to order by phone. After ordering, Health Testing Centers then emails you a requisition form to bring to one of the below LabCorp locations. After you you have the blood drawn at one of the LabCorp locations below we email the results within 24-48 hours.

Lab Tests Available in Newark, DE:

Basic Health Screening

The Complete Blood Count is one of the tests done during the Basic Health Screening. This test checks the levels of all the different types of blood. The other test performed is the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel which tests the levels of the patient’s kidney, and liver levels. A Urinalysis test is also done during the Basic Health Screening.

The Essential Health Screen $89 - CBC (w diff), CMP, Urinalysis and Lipid Profile (HDL, LDL + Triglycerides)
Basic Health Screen $59  - Includes a CBC (w diff), CMP, and a Urinalysis
Cholesterol Test (Lipid Profile) $39 - HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides

Cholesterol and Heart Blood Testing

Many different types of treatments can assist in getting the cholesterol levels down to a normal range. At Health Testing Centers they will offer a patient multiple tests to choose from when getting the heart checked. There are two different levels as well as single blood tests. These tests will help to give an individual the levels of the heart. Switching from a non-healthy lifestyle to a healthy one which includes diet and exercise will certainly help.

Prostate Testing

63% of men have had prostate cancer by the time they are 65 years old, according to the National Cancer Institute. Getting a Prostate Specific Antigen blood test annually starting at the age of 50 could reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. This test will screen for an engorged prostate or noncancerous cells.

Thyroid Testing

TSH is a thyroid stimulating hormone. This hormone is regulated by the thyroid. The thyroid controls the human body’s metabolism. TSH levels will help to determine why there might be an issue is occurring in the thyroid. To test a person’s thyroid is by going to the Health Testing Center and get a Thyroid Function Test. The Thyroid Function test will assist in giving the patient a way to treat what is diagnosed.

Liver Testing

Early detection of any type of liver damage will prevent serious damage. There are many different types of liver blood tests that will help assess the damage that might have been caused. These tests range from the Liver Function Test to any Hepatitis test. Please note that fasting before the liver test will give the most accurate results.

Cancer Testing

There is a concern that might be able to be alleviated through Cancer Testing if there is a hereditary factor to the cancer. Many different types of Cancer Screenings can be conducted on the samples of blood that is given. The different types of Cancer Screenings are CEA, Cancer Antigen 19-9, Cancer Antigen 27.29, Cancer Antigen 125, and the Alpha Fetoprotein blood tests. These tests will help to determine if there are any markers for cancer throughout the patient’s blood. If cancer cells are detected then a person will be able to find the right treatment to help cure or slow down the progression of the cancer.

Hormone Testing

The aging process is now looked at as a disease and is treated with anti-aging medicine. Health Testing Centers offer lab tests for DHEA, Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, and IGF-1. Hormone levels need to be established before an appropriate therapy can be applied. Many patients see a drastic decrease in the normal levels of hormones while other patients are within range.

STD Testing in Newark, DE

Blood Testing Lab Locations in Newark, DE


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314 E MAIN ST STE 105 NEWARK, DE 19711

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In Newark, DE, there are Health Testing Centers in several locations throughout the area. Each one is set up for patient convenience. With this testing center, patients have the opportunity to purchase their own lab tests without a physician having to order them. If the patient visits the website,, he may choose and purchase a lab test that he would like to have performed. After his purchase, a nurse or staff member will email a requisition form to the patient. The patient will then take that form to a LabCorp testing facility in the Newark, DE area and have his test performed. Once the test results are in, a staff member will email them directly to the patient so that he may take these results to his physician. Health Testing Centers always uses HIPAA compliant secure email to ensure patient privacy.

A common test ordered by physicians is the Essential Health Screening. This allows the physician to evaluate the patient’s overall health. Health Testing Centers offers this screening for a cost that is comparable to that of what other testing facilities charge for a single blood test. If a patient would like to purchase a drug test, Health Testing Centers will perform a drug panel, drug panel 2, drug test, drug test (9 panel), drug test (9 panel) & Alc-Scr, drug test (9 panel) & Oxy + Crt, and a DUI test. The patient has the convenience of having tests such as these performed at a LabCorp location nearest him, and he will have the results in hand when he sees his doctor.

Health Testing Centers have a quick and convenient method of scheduling testing. Patients may purchase a test from their website, and within the hour have a requisition form emailed to them. They will then take the form to a City, Newark, DEfacility near them, have the test performed, and typically within 1 or 2 days, the results will be emailed to them. LabCorp testing centers accept appointments over the phone, or they may be scheduled online.

For general information about blood testing you can visit Lab Tests Online or WebMd.

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