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Lyme Disease Antibodies, IgM

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Lyme disease is a condition that requires the prompt administration of antibiotics in order to give an infected person the best chance of a full recovery. This Lyme Disease Antibodies, IgM test is best for early detection of the disease, from 3 and 8 weeks after infection.

Lyme disease is commonly spread through the bite of a deer tick and is considered to be a bacterial infection. The particular bacterium that is spread through tick bites, Borrelia, causes an autoimmune response in the body of an infected person. This autoimmune response leads to inflammatory issues for the infected person that could result in long term damage.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

People who are bitten by an infected tick may notice a telltale rash that appears in the shape of a bull's eye, but infected individuals who are not aware that they were bitten by a tick may miss this indication of Lyme disease if the bite is in an area of their body that is difficult to see.

The difficulty of diagnosing Lyme disease is heavily dependent on the fact that many of the symptoms of the disease are associated with more common illnesses. Healthcare providers who are unable to find definitive signs of Lyme disease may misdiagnose the condition as the flu because of the fatigue, fever and headache that many patients experience.

Seventy percent of people who have Lyme disease develop the bull's eye rash that is associated with the disease. Arthritis is a common symptom of the disease, and 30 percent of Lyme disease sufferers manifest this symptom. Joint pain tends to take more time to develop than the rash or flu-like symptoms of the disease.

Other serious symptoms of Lyme disease are neurological in nature. Bell's palsy, a temporary paralysis that affects just one side of a person's face, can develop. Swelling in the membranes of the brain, a condition known as meningitis is a symptom of Lyme disease that poses a serious health risk to sufferers.

Lyme Disease Testing Through Health Testing Centers

The Lyme Disease Antibodies, IgM test is used to determine whether antibodies that are associated with the disease are present in the blood. IgM antibodies tend to be present in the blood shortly after a person is bitten by an infected tick. Testing positive for these antibodies indicates a very high probability that a person has Lyme disease. NOTE: Absence of IgM antibodies does not rule out infection.

Anyone who experiences one or more of the symptoms listed should opt for a Lyme Disease Antibodies test to ensure that these symptoms are not indicative of the disease. Even if a less serious condition is causing illness, peace of mind can be gained when a person discovers that they do not have Lyme disease.

In addition, learning that the results of the test are negative for Lyme disease is beneficial because healthcare providers can then begin the appropriate treatment to ensure that long term affects of the disease are not felt. If left untreated, permanent complications of the disease can include neurological impairments and cognitive defects.

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