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Latest News on the Affordable Care Act 2012 (May 9, 2012)

Are you one of the nearly 45 percent of Americans who know little or nothing about the healthcare reform act that was introduced into legislation by President Obama two years ago? Highly divisive and still a moving target, the Affordable Care Act is probably best known for its change in pre-existing conditions. Children can no longer be denied coverage due to prior health conditions.  Another highly publicized change is that dependents can now remain on their parents’ health insurance plan until their 26th birthday.

Beyond that, did you know?

  • Health insurers can no longer ban those insured for exceeding lifetime caps.
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are being established throughout the country in every sector of health care, with Medicaid ACOs in 10 states that should help control costs. There is also widespread collaborative discussion, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions among healthcare providers. Some states are setting up health insurance exchanges while others are waiting on the federal government for guidelines.
  • Consumers are taking on more share of the cost for their healthcare needs, even in employer-paid policies. 
  • Grants from the Affordable Care Act are helping to build and expand community health centers across the country. 

Bottom line: change is taking place rapidly and it’s important for all Americans to keep up. With the upcoming presidential election, a new president or Congress won’t be in place before January 2013. To learn more read an updated news item written by Sally Nelson, CEO of Huntsville Memorial Hospital in Texas or visit

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