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1700 Lab Locations

We work exclusively with LabCorp to provide convenient testing centers n... more

Physician Supported

We provide an option to have a licensed medical doctor review and place ... more

Order Online or By Phone

We have Customer Service Representatives standing by M-F 8AM-7PM. They c... more

Most Results in 1-2 Business Days

When you choose the Physician Order Included option, we send out results... more

Patient Privacy

We take precautions to ensure the privacy of your personal health inform... more

Simple Process

After requesting the test, a doctor will review and place the order for ... more

Here are the cities in Washington where we have lab locations:

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Health Testing Centers strives to provide unmatched service and access to our menu of select lab tests. Our goal is to help you take charge of your health. We are committed to assisting in the prevention or early detection of disease by providing convenient, affordable, and high quality testing. We offer a menu of select tests that you can choose from. Payment is required up-front, so no fees are owed at your sample collection.

Our Pledge To YouWe care about your health. Helping patients like you with their testing needs for over 30 years.
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