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Lab Testing Overview for Fairfax VA

Getting an annual blood test done can help you keep track of your medical conditions. It will also enable you to remedy diseases quickly and effectively so that they do not become a major problem later on. Blood tests are the most common medical tests performed and that is for good reason. They are the simplest and most effective method for finding out how the body is doing and how the organs are functioning. The blood inside your body carries oxygen and provides the organs with essential nutrients so that they can continue to function effectively. With a blood test, which is also known as blood work, you can get to know about a large number of problems that your body may or may not face in the future. These include virtually all kinds of medical conditions which occur in the human body and by detecting the signs of diseases, doctors can easily provide you with medication or medical treatment that you need to end the problem and recover from it. The consensus amongst most people who are actively aware and concerned about their medical conditions is that getting a blood test done every year is best. This is the most effective way to keep track of how the body is faring. This is unless of course, there are symptoms for other diseases that come up in the meantime.

Overview of various blood tests available in Fairfax

Is testing my cholesterol important?

Excess cholesterol can lead to heart disease or even a heart attack, and it is a common problem. The other unfortunate truth is the fact that high cholesterol doesn't necessarily have any symptoms, so you will not know that you have it without a blood test. Those who have a family history of heart disease are aware that there is a risk that they may suffer from the same affliction. If you have diabetes, smoke or are overweight, you also have risk factors that could lead to a high cholesterol level. The blood test for cholesterol that you have today could help prevent major issues tomorrow.

What lab tests screen my thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ located around the trachea that produces hormones that affect the body's metabolism. Blood testing for thyroid hormone levels will indicate if the levels are normal, above range (overactive), or below range (underactive). If the thyroid is underactive or overactive, symptoms will manifest themselves such as weight changes, fatigue, high blood pressure and host of other symptoms. There are five available types of blood testing: antithyroid antibody test, t3 test, t4 test, TSH test, and TSI test. Proper blood testing is a necessary step in determining a proper treatment plan, should the hormone levels not be within normal range.

What does a PSA blood test screen for?

Blood testing for prostate cancer is crucial because it can test for early cancer. Sometimes blood testing for prostate cancer is also necessary to tell how far bad the cancer really is. With the prostate cancer blood test, you can actually tell which type and stage of the cancer you have. It is very reliable. Only 3% of positives are false.

What lab work measure my cbc with differential?

A complete blood count test is a common blood test done to review your overall health, and detect other blood problems. Complete blood count test gives important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in the blood, it helps your doctor diagnose any symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, or bruising that you may have. A test for complete blood count will not only diagnose conditions but will also protect the body against infections and many other disorders. It is used to monitor a medical condition and monitor your health if you are taking medications that may affect blood cell counts.

How do I test for diabetes?

Blood tests not only help those with diabetes to monitor and control their blood glucose level, but they also help in diagnosing diabetes. Blood tests are one of the primary diagnostic tools involved in diagnosing diabetes. Getting regular tests for diabetes is important because in the early stages of type 2 diabetes, no tell-tale symptoms or signs manifest. While glucose measuring devices are helpful for indicating high blood sugar, they are not accurate ways for diagnosing this disease. A proper test is needed. Hemoglobin A1C, fasting plasma glucose and oral glucose tests are some of the common blood sugar tests which are conducted on a patient's blood sample.

Why use a blood test to test for pregnancy?

Finding out you are pregnant is a joyous moment. When pregnancy is suspected, most people opt for a urine test that is bought at the drug store. Going to a doctor's office and taking a blood test will lead to an accurate reading to determine if you are truly pregnant. Although hGC levels can be seen with urinary testing, levels of the hormone can be read more easily than those bought in a drug store.

What does a B12 lab test look for?

Getting a blood test to determine whether you are Vitamin B-12 deficient is essential, especially if you are vegetarian or abstain from eating red meat. Being B-12 deficient will lead to fatigue, depression and memory loss. These are symptoms of many different types of infections, diseases, and even the common cold. Finding out that you are B-12 deficient can provide answers to many unsolved questions you may have about your body. For instance, if you have metabolic dysfunctions, suffer from mania or psychosis or have optic nerve atrophy, getting treatment with Vitamin B-12 shots will curb or even cure these ailments.

Why get a blood test for FSH?

Follicle stimulating hormone is a hormone that relates to sexual growth and development of a person. A follicle stimulating hormone test is conducted to measure the amount of follicle stimulating hormone present in the blood. It evaluates whether a boy or girl has entered puberty early or late, and determines the correct growth of sexual organs. It also reveals the causes of infertility in men and women by assessing the egg supply and sperm count. In cases of hormonal imbalance regarding the menstrual cycle, an FSH test helps to address the matter. An FSH test is also used to help in the diagnosis of disorders regarding pituitary gland.

What test my ESR?

Finding out your Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate can help detect various ailments within your body. Your ESR levels are higher if you have Kawasaki disease, are pregnant, you are anemic,. Have sickle cell anemia, hereditary spherocytosis or any type of inflammation. Your ESR levels are higher if you have polycythemia, congestive or congestive heart failure. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate testing can indicate these disorders fairly early.

Can I screen myself for toxin exposure?

Sometimes we are exposed to metals in our diets, from the local environment, the workplace or home, which may be harmful to our health. More so, heavy metals and toxins sometimes imitate the action of an essential element in the body, interfering with the metabolic process to cause illness. Such interference can only be detected through a blood test. Heavy metals and toxins may damage central nervous function, the cardiovascular, lungs, kidneys, endocrine glands and bones; therefore, getting a blood test for heavy metals and toxins is a good way to know if you have been exposed to heavy metals and toxins.

Health and Disease Statistics for Fairfax VA

Oriented in Virginia, the settlement, Fairfax contains a total of 22,277 residents. Virginia has 8,015,502 residents. An estimated 0.3% live in the city of Fairfax. Out of the total residents who live in the city, there were a total of 2 deaths from liver disease. In addition, 5 people in the city died from kidney disease during the year. When all cancer deaths are combined, there were a total of 38 deaths from this cause. An additional 9 deaths were attributed to a stroke. 5 of the cancer deaths were caused by prostate cancer. This works out to 13.5% of all cancer deaths were due to prostate cancer. Coronary heart disease accounted for 22 deaths. Out of all the deaths in the city, 4 deaths were due to diabetes. Coronary heart disease accounted for 0.10% of deaths in the city, while 0.17% of the inhabitants die from cancer in a given year.

Community Health Data: Fairfax, VA
State Virginia
City Population 22,277
State Population 8,015,502
Percentage of State Population 0.28%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 2
Kidney Disease 5
Prostate Cancer 5
Stroke 9
All Cancers 38
Coronary Heart Disease 22
Diabetes 4
Total Deaths 85

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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