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Lab Locations in Cookeville TN

Solstas / Quest Diagnostics
315 N Washington Ave, Ste 180
Cookeville TN 38501
1080 Neal St Ste 201
Cookeville TN 38501

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Blood Tests Available in Cookeville

Essential Health Screening
CBC (w diff), CMP, Urinalysis and Lipid Profile (HDL, LDL + Triglycerides)
Cholesterol Test
Lipid Profile Measures HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides
Comprehensive Panel
Our most comprehensive package of blood tests to assess all aspects of your health.

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Lab Testing Overview for Cookeville TN

Blood testing is essential for the detection of any disease whether it is a disorder related to blood or something related to your thyroid, liver, kidney, bones or even an STD. Blood testing is the first thing you need to consider to begin improving your health. At Health Testing Centers you can order your own blood screenings as often as you like giving you the basic numbers that you need to monitor your health. Ordering lab tests through Health Testing Centers without the need to visit a doctor, saves you time and money. Annual blood testing is an important practice to proactively screen for specific ailments that might be a concern for you, based on your personal and family history. Periodic blood work can be a critical component of any person's healthcare checking for the existence of diabetes by measuring the blood levels of glucose or hemoglobin A1C (Hba1c). Hba1c provides a measurement of average blood sugar levels over a period of time. Further, certain lab tests can detect if someone is suffering from endocrine disorders or bone related disorders such as osteomyelitis or osteoporosis in women. A complete blood count (CBC) is commonly checked as a measure of general health. A CBC can indicate the presence of an infection and many other disorders including anemia or bleeding disorders such as hemophilia. From basic blood work you can check many important metrics such as the total electrolyte count, that can indicate kidney related ailments. Blood tests are also commonly performed to monitor the progression of a disease and evaluate a person's response to treatment. Routine blood testing is also the backbone of public health, helping to ensure that a population is healthy and up to date with appropriate immunizations. For various bacterial and viral diseases, blood testing is the first step in diagnosis. For example with suspected malaria, a complete blood count is often the first test performed. For other viral infections, particularly hepatitis and dengue, specific antibody blood tests that measure reactions to these diseases are most effective in diagnosis. Further, with almost every bacterial disease blood culturing is the main procedure used to check if the bacteria is present or not.

Overview of various blood tests available in Cookeville

Why do a lipid profile?

High cholesterol is a silent killer because it does not present any symptoms. In other words, you could currently have a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol that will eventually cause a heart attack or stroke, and there is no way for you to know unless you get a blood test. People who have high cholesterol can also experience chest pain, and their health is constantly at risk until they take steps to correct this medical condition. Turning to a professional blood service will enable you to get your cholesterol checked, and you can also help maintain an existing issue by getting additional blood tests on a regular basis.

Is there a blood test for thyroid function?

Getting blood tests for your thyroid helps to determine if your thyroid gland is in good shape and working well. The thyroid gland is important because it makes hormones which regulate and control the way your body utilizes its energy. Thyroid hormones are essential for the brain's normal development, especially during the initial years of a baby's life. Similarly older children need thyroid hormones to grow properly and adults need them for their metabolism to work well. Thyroid tests help you determine if there is an over stimulation of the hormones causing low energy levels and bad health. In children, it helps regulate intellectual disability problems.

Is there a blood test for prostate cancer?

The prostate cancer screening test is used for measuring the amount of prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, in the blood of male patients. Early testing is useful in detecting prostate cancer and treating it early. Although there are several options, the early detection of prostate cancer can allow the patient some time to review all of the available information on the condition. False-positive results from blood tests should be eliminated. False-negative results can prove dangerous for patients if the cancer is allowed to proliferate undetected. The opportunity to make informed decisions is possible only when enough accurate information is available, and blood tests serve this purpose.

Why order labs for cbc?

Complete Blood Count (CBC) is one of the blood test which helps to diagnose many diseases and symptoms. This test helps to measure the Red Blood Count (RBC), White Blood Count (WBC), Hematocrit, Hemoglobin level and platelet counts in the blood of human body. This kind of blood test is often order by doctors to check the various disorders like anemia, leukemia, malaria, or blood infection. Having CBC assessment periodically help individuals to check their health status and the correct assessment of CBC profile revealed that a human is well healthy that leads happy life at the end of the day.

What does a Hemoglobin A1c blood test measure?

A blood test for hemoglobin A1c is used in helping diabetic patients manage their glucose levels and can help diagnose type 1 and 2 diabetes. The blood is tested for the level of glycated hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen and glycated means sugar coated. The test result is usually indicative of the average blood glucose level for the last two to three months and gives the patient a clear idea of how the blood sugar is being managed. If the A1c level is high, this could put a diabetic patient at risk for serious complications such as kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke.

What does a testosterone lab test show?

Testosterone is a male hormone that both women and men produce. It is a sex hormone and is created by the testicles in men and the ovaries in women. Also, the adrenal gland produces slight amounts of testosterone in both men and women. To determine the amount of testosterone in a person, a blood test is necessary. Typically, a blood test would reveal the total amount of testosterone in the bloodstream and sometimes a measurement of the testosterone would also be taken. Reasons to have a testosterone blood test performed are different in woman and men. For women, the loss of breast size, thinning hair, and irregular menses are sufficient reasons to have the testosterone levels checked. In men, impotency, infertility, and loss of sex drive are frequent reasons for testing. The results of this type of blood test can help determine if a patient's symptoms are due to cancer, chronic illness, tumors, or other issues.

What blood test is best for vitamin d?

Obtaining a blood test for vitamin D will assist in determining if the patient has a calcium deficiency. This test is called the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D test, and it is used to screen for vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium, and a deficiency can cause abnormal levels of calcium to appear in the bloodstream. This also means that the bones are not able to absorb the calcium in circulation, and the final result is often weak bone tissue. Various conditions are associated with low bone density. Examples include rickets, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and bone fractures.

What does a homocystein test tell me?

Homocysteine is an amino acid found in the blood usually after eating animal products like meat, dairy, seafood, and eggs. A blood test to detect homocysteine is used to diagnose random blood clotting, to check for a deficiency in vitamin B12 and in folic acid, and to determine if a person has homocystinuria, a genetic digestion disease. Furthermore, this blood test can be given to establish a person's risk for strokes and cardiacvascular diseases.

Why should I learn my blood type?

Blood type testing is performed by checking the antigen type on red blood cells. The types are A, B, O, and AB and every person is one of these blood types. Having a blood type test performed is crucial before receiving blood products during a transfusion. In order to receive a successful blood transfusion, the blood of the donor and the blood of the recipient must be tested and matched to prevent a reaction. Should a transfusion reaction occur, the recipient could become very ill or even die. Another instance in which blood type testing is important is when a woman is pregnant. The RH factor is either positive or negative and is determined by the RH antigen on the surface of red blood cells. Pregnant woman are checked for their RH factor do determine if the baby's RH factor is different from the mother's. Should this situation occur, a medical intervention needs to take place so that both mother and fetus can complete the pregnancy and remain healthy.

Is it important to screen for anemia?

Anemia is when the body's red blood cell level (hemoglobin) is low. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, racing heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, and the skin becoming pale. In some instances, it may not cause any symptoms at all. Anemia is caused by blood loss, the destruction of the red blood cells, or red blood cells that do not function as they should. The blood test to determine if a patient is anemic is called a complete blood count (CBC) and it can help determine the principal cause for the anemia and assist is creating an appropriate treatment plan for the condition.

Health and Disease Statistics for Cookeville TN

Found in the state of Tennessee, the neighborhood of Cookeville has a total of 30,068 individuals. The state of Tennessee, there is a population of 6,355,603 people. Out of these people, 0.5% of the stateƍs population reside in Cookeville. In a one year time span, there were 3 deaths resulting from liver disease and 5 deaths from kidney disease. Also in one year, there were 59 deaths from all types of cancer. An additional 15 deaths was caused by a stroke. Out of total cancer deaths, 7 of them were caused by just prostate cancer. Prostate cancer accounted for 12.2% of all cancer deaths. During the same time span, there were 46 deaths from coronary heart disease. 7 deaths were caused by diabetes. On average, 0.15% of residents were likely to die of cardiac disease during the year and 0.20% possibility of dying from some type of cancer every year.

Community Health Data Cookeville TN
State Tennessee
City Population 30,068
State Population 6,355,603
Percentage of State Population 0.47%
Number of Dealths by Disease
Liver Disease 3
Kidney Disease 4.6
Prostate Cancer 7.1
Stroke 14.6
All Cancers 58.8
Coronary Heart Disease 46
Diabetes 7.4
Total Deaths 141.8

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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