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(727) 565-0705

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Blood Tests Available in Saint Petersburg

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Lab Testing Overview for Saint Petersburg FL

Annual screening for sexually transmitted diseases is something all sexually active people should have done. Being in control and knowing your sexual health is not only beneficial for you but also for your sexual partners and their sexual partners. These diseases and infections spread due to risky behaviors like drug use, sexual promiscuity, and unprotected sex. Things that should be screened for include HIV, AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis , and HPV. One should not wait until the appearance of symptoms as some of these diseases lie dormant, presenting no symptoms at all, for years at a time. The consequences as well as the preventability of these diseases are too great to ignore. Infertility, cancer, and even death can occur from an untreated sexually transmitted disease that are usually very treatable and sometimes even curable using all the advances in modern medicine. STD's can be prevented by knowing who your sexual partners are and limiting the number of partners you have. Additionally, to prevent these devastating diseases, sexually active people should practice safe sex, be abstinent if possible or be in a monogamous relationship, limit their exposure to risky behaviors, obtain proper vaccinations and immunizations, and be screened at least yearly.

Overview of vairous blood tests available in Saint Petersburg

Do I get a cholesterol test every year?

High cholesterol is a silent killer because it does not present any symptoms. In other words, you could currently have a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol that will eventually cause a heart attack or stroke, and there is no way for you to know unless you get a blood test. People who have high cholesterol can also experience chest pain, and their health is constantly at risk until they take steps to correct this medical condition. Turning to a professional blood service will enable you to get your cholesterol checked, and you can also help maintain an existing issue by getting additional blood tests on a regular basis.

Why get a blood test for Thryoid?

A blood test for thyroid functioning is done to determine the activeness of the production of thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland. These hormones determine metabolism rates, among other things. By getting a thyroid test, you can find out if you have a thyroid disorder, and thus keep a track of this medical condition. You could also lead a healthy life without worrying about thyroid disorders. Now, if you have a thyroid hormonal disorder, then your doctor will prescribe medication which will help with the regulation of those hormones in your body.

Why get a blood test for Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world. Getting a prostate cancer blood test done will help you find out whether you have the disease or not. In the test, the blood is examined to find the sources of a particular type of antigen known as protein specific antigen, or PSA. Depending upon your level of PSA in the blood, you may or may not be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Another thing to remember is that this test will indicate infection. Your PSA levels may be too high if you have an infection, and in this case, the medication that your doctor will subsequently prescribe will help you fight the infection.

Why is CBC with dioff important?

A complete blood count (CBC) is a multifaceted test that can be performed for a number of reasons. Fundamentally, it measures the red blood cell count, platelet count, hematocrit, hemoglobin, and white blood cell count. These measurements can assist in evaluating the effectiveness of current treatments, the diagnosis of conditions, or to gauge a person's overall physical health. While a CBC test can be beneficial to any person, it is particularly useful in diagnosing illnesses such as anemia and leukemia.

What does a Hemoglobin A1c blood test measure?

HemoglobinA1c test is very common blood test but it is very important to understand the criticality of Hemoglobin A1c test. What you eat on daily basis it converts into Glucose which is one type sugar in the human body. This glucose is attached to the Hemoglobin A (It is a kind of substance which exists in the red blood cells in which carried the oxygen to the cells of the human body). When Glucose molecules stuck the hemoglobin molecules in blood then hemoglobin starts converting into glycosylated (Which is referred as hemoglobin A1c, or HbA1c). When hemoglobin converts into glycosylated gradually the sugar level increased in the human body and that invite diabetic disease in person. To check the status of glycosylated hemoglobin in the blood human body it is recommended to have as hemoglobin A1c test that gives the assessment result of past 2 to 3 months and help to analyses the status of blood sugar in past 2 to 3 months.

What does a testosterone lab test show?

Are you growing man and facing delayed in puberty, decreased body hair, decreased your muscle mass, feeling low sex desire, growth of breast tissues or erectile dysfunctional? These are common symptoms of low Testosterone level in male while irregular mensuration cycle, infertility, development of facial and body hair are the main symptoms of high level of Testosterone in female. When any human being feels such symptoms respectively they have to go for the blood test for Testosterone that measures the amount of testosterone in the blood which is also called as serum testosterone test. Low or high level of testosterone could lead infertility, adrenal tumor and other many diseases in male and female both.

Should I get a lab test for Vitamin D levels?

Obtaining a blood test for vitamin D will assist in determining if the patient has a calcium deficiency. This test is called the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D test, and it is used to screen for vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium, and a deficiency can cause abnormal levels of calcium to appear in the bloodstream. This also means that the bones are not able to absorb the calcium in circulation, and the final result is often weak bone tissue. Various conditions are associated with low bone density. Examples include rickets, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and bone fractures.

Should I order blood work for homocystein levels?

Homocysteine is an amino acid that is produced in body which is by product of meat consumption. They are important because they are the main building block of all proteins in the human body. Blood test for homocysteine is offered to measure the amount of amino acid homocysteine in the blood. This test is done to check vitamin B12 deficiency or folic acid deficiency, help to identify the deficiency of one of several enzymes needed to convert food to energy. For this blood test you have to only prepare for fasting of 8 hours before the test but you can take only water.

How do I test my blood type?

Whenever your friend or any relative is in need of blood and you are in the state where you can donate the blood but you don't know your blood type or blood group to tell the doctor that I can donate the blood because my blood group is same as required to patient. Think about this scenario so timely blood group identification not only helps others but also helps in some other scenario like you may also require blood transfusion an if it is predetermine then in critical situation such blood can be arranged sooner. Having blood group can also help you to get international visa as well.

Why get a blood test for Anemia?

In general we should understand first thing that anemia is a symptom not a disease but sometimes peoples do not notice such symptoms. So the question is that how common man notice such symptoms. When you experience things like fatigue, weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, cold hands and feet, headache or cognitive difficulties with your body you should go for blood screening quickly to check that whether you are infected by anemia or not. The cause of anemia is decay of red blood count or hemoglobin in blood. Level of hemoglobin in blood should be 13.5 g/100ml in men blood while 12.0 g/100ml blood in women. The Complete Blood Count (CBC) profile using normal blood test is the way to diagnose the anemia in human body. Though it is curable condition but when it becomes worse the effect of this condition is not reversal and it could be life cost as well.

Health and Disease Statistics for Saint Petersburg FL

Established in Florida, the region, Saint Petersburg contains a total of 245,097 individuals. The entire state of Florida, there are 18,849,600 people who reside in the state legally. 1.3% live in the city of Saint Petersburg. There are 26 deaths from liver disease. In addition, 32 deaths occurred from kidney disease during the same year. The total number of cancer deaths was 406. During the same year, 80 deaths were caused by a stroke. Out of all cancer deaths, there were 46 deaths caused by just prostate cancer. Prostate cancer was the cause of 11.4% of all cancer deaths. There were also 273 deaths due to coronary heart disease. In one year, the metro area has 49 deaths from diabetes. On average, 0.11% of the residents of the city are likely to die from coronary heart disease. They also have a 0.17% chance of passing away from some type of cancer every year.

Community Health Data: Saint Petersburg, FL
State Florida
City Population 245,097
State Population 18,849,600
Percentage of State Population 1.30%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 26
Kidney Disease 32
Prostate Cancer 46
Stroke 80
All Cancers 406
Coronary Heart Disease 273
Diabetes 49
Total Deaths 912

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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