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Lab Locations in Santa Rosa CA

Quest Diagnostics
990 Sonoma Ave, Ste 18A
Santa Rosa CA 95404
4769 Hoen Avenue
Santa Rosa CA 95405
3540 Mendocino Ave Ste 400
Santa Rosa CA 95403
1111 Sonoma Ave Ste 121
Santa Rosa CA 95405

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Blood Tests Available in Santa Rosa

Essential Health Screening
CBC (w diff), CMP, Urinalysis and Lipid Profile (HDL, LDL + Triglycerides)
Cholesterol Test
Lipid Profile Measures HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides
Comprehensive Panel
Our most comprehensive package of blood tests to assess all aspects of your health.

Testing Categories

Lab Testing Overview for Santa Rosa CA

Getting an annual blood test can help pinpoint and manage a wide variety of medical issues before they get out of hand. For example, a Basic Health Screening, a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) available from Health Testing Centers, can help indicate whether or not an individual is exhibiting signs of a number of conditions: anemia, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar levels, increased liver enzymes, or a simple infection. These are potential medical conditions could lead to serious complications if they are left undetected and untreated for an extended period of time. Ordering annual or semiannual blood testing that includes a minimum of a CBC and CMP can provide you with many critical insights into your health. There are other tests available through Health Testing Centers that can identify the early signs of heart disease, kidney trouble, liver disease, diabetes, cancer, thyroid disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Key metrics revealed through a convenient test available at a local lab can identify biological changes that lead to many serious health issues. Additionally, getting an annual blood test will make it easier for you to manage any illnesses or other conditions that you are already dealing with. In fact, individuals who are unable to visit a doctor regularly can greatly benefit from getting blood tests at Health Testing Centers at least once a year, especially if they need to keep an eye on something specific such as high cholesterol, a thyroid disorder, or a prostate problem. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to have health insurance or to pay for an expensive doctor's office visit fee in order to undergo this annual procedure. Instead, you can have the peace of mind that is associated with knowing that your blood has been thoroughly checked for a wide variety of potential problems by taking advantage of blood testing offered directly to consumers at Health Testing Centers.

Overview of various blood tests available in Santa Rosa

Is testing my cholesterol important?

High cholesterol is a silent killer because it does not present any symptoms. In other words, you could currently have a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol that will eventually cause a heart attack or stroke, and there is no way for you to know unless you get a blood test. People who have high cholesterol can also experience chest pain, and their health is constantly at risk until they take steps to correct this medical condition. Turning to a professional blood service will enable you to get your cholesterol checked, and you can also help maintain an existing issue by getting additional blood tests on a regular basis.

Why get a blood test for Thryoid?

Thyroid blood test or thyroid function tests are used to evaluate the thyroid's functioning and also to diagnose and help determine the cause of thyroid diseases. Blood tests are used to diagnose hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and the test help in determining the cause of the disorders. It also evaluates how the thyroid is functioning and a radiologic test can further pinpoint the cause of thyroid disorders. Thyroid hormones affect metabolism, brain development, breathing, heart and nervous system functions, body temperature among other. In other to live longer and healthier, one should consider thyroid blood test as an option.

When should I get a prostate lab test?

It is type of cancer which produced a walnut shaped gland near by the urinary bladder that caused seminal fluid in human. Prostate cancer is now very common disease. Doctors recommend to every person that he has to get tested for such dangerous disease. The test is very simple for Prostate Cancer as there are often no symptoms found in early stage of Prostate Cancer. Most of the time prostate cancer can be diagnosed via through screening. The most common blood test for prostate cancer is Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. PSA is a protein which is produced by the normal prostate cells in men body.

Why get a blood test for Complete Blood Count?

A complete blood count test measures your body's levels of white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, and more. This type of comprehensive blood screening provides an overview of your overall health while also providing warning signs of potential problems, such as leukemia. A CBC count can also identify other problems, such as anemia, bacterial infections, polycythemia (a condition that could cause the blockage of capillaries), and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). These comprehensive tests are also useful if you are taking medications that may interfere with aspects of healthy blood development.

What does a Hemoglobin A1c blood test measure?

The reason to get a Hemoglobin A1c blood test is important because it's for blood sugar levels. This particular test measures the blood sugar for the recent 120 days. This test is the top test to find out if blood sugar levels are under control. The higher the level, the higher the risk for any complications. If you know your average sugar levels, you will be able to tell if you need any treatment. Diabetes is a serious issue, and following up with this blood test is extremely important.

What does a testosterone lab test show?

Getting your testosterone levels tested through a blood test is one way to check on you Andogen levels. The symptoms of hypogonadism (a loss of testosterone) looks very similar to other health problems. For example, a decrease in your libido, energy, or endurance as well as having mood swings may result in a diagnosis of depression. If you find yourself shrinking, your doctor may tell you that you have arthritis. Falling asleep after meals and having no focus are also symptoms a diabetic might have. Because many of these symptoms can result in false diagnosis and treatments, it is essential to add testosterone levels to your list of blood testing.

Can a blood test measure my vitamin d?

A vitamin D blood test, also referred to as the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test, will provide information about the levels of vitamin D in your blood. Abnormal results indicate a deficiency in this vitamin and this can cause symptoms like aches and pains, fatigue, weakness and frequent infections. Those with the following risk factors should have their vitamin D checked about twice a year to keep an eye on their levels: - Lack of sunlight exposure - Kidney or liver diseases - Inadequate vitamin D in your diet - Issues with food absorption - Using medications like phenobarbitol, phenytoin and rifampin

Why get a blood test for Homocystein?

Monitoring your Homocystein levels is not something that most people think about. Having high Homocystein levels can lead to you getting blood clots. If you are susceptible to getting heart attacks or strokes, or have heart problems, having your doctor routinely screen your Homocystein levels should become a part of your annual health maintenance plan. This can also help with the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms.

Why get a blood test for blood type?

Getting a blood test to find your blood type is something that is almost always done if you are pregnant. Blood type testing is imperative in this case should the mother or child be in need of a blood transfusion. Having your blood tested before you donate blood is also a requirement. This is to ensure that blood being donated matches the blood type of the recipient. It is recommended that everyone is tested to find out their blood type and carry that information in their purse or wallet. Should you ever have an accident, or have a family member that is in need of a blood donation, knowing your blood type could save your life.

How can I test for anemia using a blood test?

Anemia is a hemoglobin deficiency within the body that can go undetected for years. Anemia will result in an iron deficiency. Many people live without knowing that they have anemia but may exhibit symptoms or behavioral patterns that, in hindsight, are red flags regarding the condition. Some people with iron deficiencies may end up with Pica (eating nonfood items such as dirt, glass, and chalk to supplement the food they eat for iron). Those with pre-existing heart conditions may find themselves with increased heart rates or angina. Many times, children with behavioral problems and lack of focus are later diagnosed with anemia. Getting tested for anemia at your regular doctor's visits takes seconds to do and can save years of your life.

Health and Disease Statistics for Santa Rosa CA

Situated in the state of California, the community of Santa Rosa has a total of 164,976 people. The state of California has 37,330,448 inhabitants. Out of these inhabitants, 0.4% of the stateƍs population live in Santa Rosa. In a one year time period, the area suffered from 19 deaths from liver disease. An additional 15 deaths were caused by from kidney disease. There were altogether 259 deaths from any type of cancer and 63 deaths from stroke. Out of the total cancer deaths, 35 were entirely from prostate cancer; that's 13.6% of all cancer deaths. There were also 181 deaths from coronary heart disease. In addition, there were 33 deaths from diabetes. On average, 0.11% of residents were likely to die of cardiac disease during the year and 0.16% accounted for deaths from some form of cancer.

Community Health Data Santa Rosa CA
State California
City Population 164,976
State Population 37,330,448
Percentage of State Population 0.44%
Number of Dealths by Disease
Liver Disease 18.6
Kidney Disease 15
Prostate Cancer 35.3
Stroke 62.8
All Cancers 258.8
Coronary Heart Disease 181.1
Diabetes 32.5
Total Deaths 604.3

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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