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Quest Diagnostics
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Lab Testing Overview for Modesto CA

Better health can lead to a better life, complete with more energy and greater peace of mind. An easy first step on the road to better health is investing in an annual blood test. When you visit your doctor for a checkup it typically includes a panel of blood work that measures your blood levels for key indicators, providing a current status of your health. At Health Testing Centers you can order the lab tests you need to check your health without visiting a doctor, saving you time and money. Life can be hectic with little time to concentrate on the important things, like your health. In the balancing act between work, family, and life it is all to common to put off routine check-ups. Unfortunately this seemingly small sacrifice can lead to serious problems. It is far more common for someone to track the progress of their financial investments than the key indicators of their health. At Health Testing Centers you do not need insurance or even a primary care doctor to order lab tests. Simple and convenient measurements of your cholesterol, glucose, PSA, vitamin D, and others can indicate trends within you body that if addressed early can dramatically improve your health. Early diagnosis of disorders like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroiditis and even HIV can be the key to successful treatment. If you are serious about investing in your health then an annual blood test is a smart strategy that can yield more productive years to your life. Additionally, if you are sexually active, a periodic analysis of your blood should should include testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis. To be safe both you and your sexual partner(s) should be checked to minimize the risk of these potentially deadly diseases.

Overview of various blood tests available in Modesto

Should I get a cholesterol test?

Cholesterol is required for the proper functioning of cells. Proper cholesterol levels are necessary for the cells in your body to function properly and for your body to be in rhythm functioning at an optimal level. Getting a blood test for cholesterol is a good way for you to keep track of your cholesterol levels and live a healthy life. Cholesterol tests are often prescribed to heart patients as high cholesterol levels can be indicative of impending cardiacvascular diseases. If you have a history of cardiacvascular illnesses, or have been experiencing chest pains, you should get a cholesterol test done.

What lab tests screen my thyroid?

There are millions of thyroid patients in the US and most of them do not even know about it. The thyroid problem is caused by a dysfunctional thyroid gland found at the base of the throat. The gland produces thyroid hormone, the deficiency or excess of which can cause several health problems. There are several tell-tale symptoms of thyroid disorder, however, it is necessary to take a blood test for thyroid in order to make sure that the gland is not working properly. The blood test can be carried out by a medical practitioner who is able to determine the thyroid levels after carrying out the blood test. A treatment is recommended after verifying the results of the blood test.

When should I get a prostate lab test?

Adult males develop a higher risk of prostate cancer as they age. This is why it is important to get tested for prostate cancer at least annually. Annual blood tests can help you with this. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths among males; however, caught early in its stages, the disease is still curable. This early diagnosis can be made with the help of a blood test which tests for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Men over 40 years old, and those with a history of prostate cancer, should get this test done regularly. Also, if you have been experiencing urinary difficulties, it's time to get tested.

What is a CMP lab test?

A Metabolic Panel blood test is used to gauge the levels of several different things and can be helpful in determining a person's overall health. The metabolic panel tests for the levels of calcium, glucose, nitrogen, creatinine, albumin, potassium, chloride, sodium, and C02 found in the blood. Recommendations for ways to improve health can be made based on the results of this blood test. In addition, abnormal results can help in the diagnosis of underlying health problems such as kidney, pancreas, and some metabolism issues.

What does a Hemoglobin A1c blood test measure?

HB is used to refer to a kind of protein component in the blood, hemoglobin. The main purpose of the red colored hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide back from them. Hemoglobin is classified into the adult type ‰ÛA', and further classified into ‰ÛA1C' denoting the specific chemical composition. Blood tests for Hemoglobin A1c are carried out in order to ascertain the amount of glucose a singe cell is carrying. The higher the amount of glucose, the higher the HBA1C level in the blood. HBA1C test is crucial for determination of diabetic and non-diabetic patients' management plans both in terms of diets and medicines.

What does a testosterone lab test show?

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced in the Leydig cells. The Leydig cells are found in testes in men and ovaries in women. The adrenal gland also produces these hormones in smaller quantity. The usual symptoms of testosterone deficiency are irritation, fatigue and loss of energy. Infact, lower level of testosterone can affect all the functions of the body. The best way to ascertain testosterone deficiency in the body is through carrying out a blood test for testosterone. Doctors can verify testosterone deficiency in the body, and based on the results of the blood test, recommend medication and diet in order to control it.

Can a blood test measure my vitamin d?

A vitamin D blood test, also referred to as the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test, will provide information about the levels of vitamin D in your blood. Abnormal results indicate a deficiency in this vitamin and this can cause symptoms like aches and pains, fatigue, weakness and frequent infections. Those with the following risk factors should have their vitamin D checked about twice a year to keep an eye on their levels: - Lack of sunlight exposure - Kidney or liver diseases - Inadequate vitamin D in your diet - Issues with food absorption - Using medications like phenobarbitol, phenytoin and rifampin

Is it important to test my homocystein?

A Homocysteine test is done to determine the amount of amino acids in a persons' blood. A Homocysteine blood test can help to see a vitamin B12 deficiency and a folic acid deficiency in a persons' blood. However, the test is more commonly used to help identify a rare genetic disease known as homocystinuria. This disease is responsible for not letting the body convert food into the energy it needs to thrive. The Homocysteine test also helps detect unnecessary blood clots in the bloodstream that can be caused due to enzyme irregularities.

How can I learn my blood type?

Nowadays, a blood type test is done when a person is just a baby. There are many reasons to get a blood type test. Your blood is classified into types based on what antigen it possesses (or doesn't possess). Blood is divided into the following types: A, B, AB, O and these types are further divided into positive and negative types. It is necessary to know your blood type if you are donating or receiving blood through transfusion. Blood type tests are also performed on pregnant women to determine that the fetus is the same type or if it isn't, then to ward off any complications that may arise.

How can I test for anemia using a blood test?

Each year, around three million people are affected by Anemia in the US alone. In fact, presently, it is considered as the most common blood disease. Blood is a vital component of our body that fills us from top to bottom. This makes it perfectly understandable why the physicians recommend a blood test in order to determine almost every problem inside your body. In cases of Anemia, a physician may recommend a comprehensive blood count test that helps him in determining the red blood cells- or the lack of them å within the bloodstream. The results help the physicians in recommending suitable treatment for your condition.

Health and Disease Statistics for Modesto CA

Oriented in California, the metro area, Modesto contains a total of 201,886 individuals. The state population of California has 37,330,448 people. Out of this number of people, a total of 0.5% of them live in Modesto. In one year, there are 23 deaths in the city that are caused by liver disease. There are an additional 18 deaths from kidney disease in the city. Altogether, there are a total of 317 deaths from every kind of cancer. Stroke also caused 77 deaths in the city. In addition, 43 deaths are caused by just prostate cancer, which accounts for 13.6% of total cancer deaths. During the same time period, 222 die from coronary heart disease. There were also 40 resident deaths from diabetes. On average, 0.11% of residents were likely to die of coronary heart disease during the year and 0.16% chance of passing away from any form of cancer.

Community Health Data: Modesto, CA
State California
City Population 201,886
State Population 37,330,448
Percentage of State Population 0.54%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 23
Kidney Disease 18
Prostate Cancer 43
Stroke 77
All Cancers 317
Coronary Heart Disease 222
Diabetes 40
Total Deaths 740

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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