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Discount Blood Test Panels Overview

A blood test panel is a combination of labs that helps to determine the overall well-being of a person and aims at determining various disorders. Examples of blood  test panels are; complete blood count (CBC), and Complete Metabolic Profil (CMP). These blood tests are basic tests that are usually carried out as part of routine medical checkup.

Purchasing each test included in a discount blood test panel would cost much more money. However, there are packages that allows patients to undergo the blood testing at a discounted price. In these packages, blood tests are grouped together as a single package, rather than performing each test separately. Three common tests combined this way are the complete blood count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) and the Lipid Profile.  Some call this combination the Basic Health Screen PLUS.  These test are important in providing an overall view when diagnosing any particular disease, monitoring or even screening. 

Some packages include tests for checking the heart, cholesterol level testing, and also checking for presence of any sexually transmitted disease. Some of the tests are also good for screening cancer. Instead of undergoing tests for checking the level and the presence of one vitamin or hormone at a single time, it is better to combine commonly related minerals and vitamins within a single package. It helps to have a better overview of the heath status and the wellness of the patient. It also helps on the pocket because the price of the overall test is quite low compared to when it is done separately. One can also find several packages that are directed towards thyroid function as well as testing for anti-aging panel. There are separate panels of blood tests for men and women.