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Locations By State for Blood Work

Ordering a blood test couldn't be easier.  Health Testing Centers has been providing blood testing directly to patients for more than 30 years.  Our long standing relationship with one of the largest national laboratories in America enables us to offer affordable and convenient lab testing nationwide.

Our lab has more than 1400 patient service centers around the country. Our patients can order from us, by website or phone, and visit a patient service center that same day.  There is no additional fee collected at the lab and most results are sent directly to you in 1-2 days.

Patients typically order from us to avoid unnecessary doctor visits, or simply to save money.   Many times patients simply want to be 100% private about the fact they're getting tested.  Patient information is kept completely confidential when ordering through Health Testing Centers.  When you pay for testing out of pocket you own the result and can share it with anyone or no one, as you choose.

Our lab vendor now allows for patients to make appointments online.  This is a great convenience rather than having to show up and wait.  Walk ins are still welcome, but appointments are encouraged.  Simply visit our lab locator to make your appointment at the location you choose.  Remember to bring the Health Testing Centers requisition form when you go so there is no confusion about who is paying for the test and what you ordered.

Taking control of your health is an empowering action.  It also comes with responsibility.  If you discover you have out of range results we'll make sure to highlight them for you, but you need to seek doctor advice for any treatment or actual diagnosis.

Feel free to give our nursing staff a call with any questions. They are very knowledgeable about testing and are happy to provide a free consultation.  877-511-LABS (5227).