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Beta-HCG Tumor Marker - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), -Subunit, Quantitative, Serum

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The glycoprotein hormone hCG and its beta subunit (beta-hCG) are tumor markers, meaning that the presence of the proteins usually indicates certain cancers. This is because cancer cells excrete beta-hCG. Both Beta-hCG and hCG are measured to ensure accuracy of the test because hCG is sometimes mistaken for its analog, the luteinizing hormone, which is always present in a healthy individual.

The cancers that are typically detected by the presence of Beta-hCG and hCG include germ cell cancer, which develops from sperm or an egg, like ovarian or testicular cancer; seminoma; choriocarcinoma; teratoma; and hydatidiform mole formation. Beta-hCG is also an excellent tumor marker used for monitoring germ cell tumors.

It is important to note that hCG found in the blood may also indicate pregnancy. Fertile women should rule out pregnancy, including ectopic and molar pregnancies, as well as recent miscarriages first. Beta-hCG is never found in healthy men.

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