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AFP (Alpha-Fetoprotein) Tumor Marker

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Information about the AFP Tumor Marker

The most widely used blood test for liver cancer is a test for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), which is a protein normally made by the liver cells in a fetus. Infants have high levels of AFP which generally fall to normal adult levels in the first year of life. In pregnant women high levels of AFP may indicate congenital problems with the baby.
In others, AFP in the blood can indicate certain types of cancer, especially cancer of the liver, testicles, ovaries, stomach, or pancreas. Elevated levels of AFP may also be found with renal cell cancer, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, and brain tumors.

Preparation and Lab Details

- Specimen Type: A blood sample drawn from a vein in the arm.

- Fasting Required: NO

- Labs: LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics perform this test

- Result Time: Usually 1-2 days after blood draw

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